GBH By Wheelchair

I’m feeling really poorly at the moment – fluey symptoms. Razor blades in my throat, chesty cough etc. Fighting off the infection has knocked the legs out from under me. Drawing the curtains last night I fell over backward, cracked my head on the bloody wheelchair and gave myself concussion.

I have posted many times how much I love my electric wheelchair. Well the honeymoon is over I’m not all that thrilled with it today when I feel the egg on the back of my head.

Oh dear, I really hope you are ok. Please take care of yourself and take it easy until you really do feel better. Cheryl:-)

Oh bugger! Sorry to hear that. Hope your egg soon feels better.

I have a good collection of bruises on my legs from my wheelie…still treasure it tho`.

luv Pollx

Hope you fill better very soon, so sorry to hear you are really under the weather and to cap it all you’ve grown an egg!!!

Sending ((((HUGS)))) for a quick recovery.



Oh dear - I do hope you’ll feel better soon, both the infection and the concussion. Please take care. Teresa xx

How are you feeling today?


Finally gave in and got the dr today.

“it’s just a virus”

JUST bloody just.

My daughters 4 months pregnant and won’t come anywhere near me so I’m sweating it out alone.

Thanks for the kind thoughts they make me feel a bit better.

Poor you! just try and focus on the patter of tiny feet that are on their way.

hope u feel better soon x

Unfortunately most gps dont recognise its never ‘only just’ with us.

Hope you start feeling better soon,and watch what you are doing…have you made friends with your chair yet?


All I can do is add to the’poor you’s. I really feel for you. It’s hard enough having MS without all this other horrible stuff being thrown at you. I wish you all the best. Karen