Larva lamp

Hello everyone,

This is how i feel today, you know those larva lamps, my son used to have one, i used to love watching it as it slowly stretched and melted into shapes thats exactly how i feel today like a treacly consitancy my arms my legs and my face its so weird, i still have the day old nettle sting on my face, probably over doing things… Mollys been full on this weekend so full of hormones I was so glad when her taxi came to take her to school this morning.

Hope you all had a good bank holiday.

Michelle x

Hi Michelle, I’m so sorry you are going through such a bad time right now.

I wonder if you’ve picked up a virus? Or maybe just MS playing up. Remember that even with PPMS symptoms come and go… so hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

The very best thing you could do today is go back to bed and stay there! We are like to make excuses why we can’t do that… but nothing is more important right now then trying to feel better.

Your daughter’s at school. Go back to bed and get a good, proper rest.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

Hi Michelle, sorry to hear you dont feel well,hope you feel better soon,there must be something in the air,ive been off it for weeks now.

try rest as much as you can, i find meditation helpful, it helps me cope a bit better.

J x


If it’s any consolation, I have noticed in previous years that people seem to have more MS problems in Spring.

My fatigue is through the roof and walking is terrible! Most years I blame hay fever in Spring but this year I haven’t even had a sneeze!

Btw… if you do get hay fever… it affects the immune system so it WILL affect MS symptoms.

Very windy here in The Big City,

Pat xx

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Hello Michelle.

Sorry to hear of your problems. I hope you managed to get lots of rest. I know that while sometimes a rest might not improve things but the relief of a rest is good in its own right.

That’s an interesting thought Pat. Currently my mobility is useless and I’m having to be wheeled about indoors.

Sending big pillars of support. (And hugs too) We fight on.

The wind is outrageous today.

Best wishes, Steve x.


Been very blowy here in Margate.

MItchell anything can make a difference fatigue infections even temperature so the fact your feeling rough May just be it is stress. Make a strong cuppa grab some novices and relax, have a typhoo moment those little tetley fellas look good on a brew.

Hope you are back firing on all cylinders soon.


Hi Michelle,

Hoping today is a little better for you…I’m wondering if Pats theory about the spring is correct because I’ve had a really rotten couple of weeks, mentally and physically. In fact I can remember sometime last year someone posted that they had a theory that the season changes always had an adverse effect on us…can’t recall who it was now though!! Sorry!

You do so well Michelle to keep as cheerful as you do when you have the extra burden of limbo land. You have a lot on your plate and I so admire you for your attitude! Keep you chin up Michelle and rest as much as you possibly can when the opportunities arise,

take care of yourself,

Nina x

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How today is better for you Michelle. ((((((Hugs)))))

Pam x

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Thanks everyone.

Don’t no what i’d do without you all, my mind feels driven and i feel as if i’m trapped because the body isn’t working at the same pace…I had the OT grant lady come today to discuss adaptations I feel as if they are moving too fast for me…I can still walk inside although i fall every day infact several times a day, but I know how to land and although i have sore knees i must have good bones I’m not fragile They have agreed a wet room but she also wants to widen doors and but a level path up the side of the house and patio doors on our downstairs bedroom so i can get inside in my power chair…I suddenly feel scared its all going too fast… as it is because Lee’s working we would have to contribute Four thousand. I feel like an ostrich I want to bury my head in the sand and do nothing…How do they know its going to get worse, it might stay the same, i don’t think I’ll ever walk down the street again but I still don’t know what Iv’e got. I wish life was simple maybe i’ll just settle for the commode and extra ralings outside.

Thanks for listening Michelle x

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Michelle I know that feeling of it going to fast but as someone who has had some adaptations my advice is get them done and enjoy the benefits earlier rather than later. I refused stuff and looking back was stupid. It was for my benefit and all I did was get worse and struggle when there was no need. They have your best interest at heart.

Lecture over.

I hope you are OK today Lots of love XXX Don


Thanks Don,

just finished reading some of your blogs you always cheer me up but i always feel humbled too, Thanks Michelle x


Hi Shelly, I agree with Don… get them sooner rather than later. Sometimes you have to wait ages to get things done. Also, if they spend all their budget, you might have to wait until the following April (when they get new budget).

Getting them earlier doesn’t mean you have to use them, but they’re in place just in case. And some days you need them more than others. I don’t always use the seat in my shower, but on some days I wouldn’t be able to have a shower without it.

Remember, one day at a time. That will stop the feeling of it all happening too fast.

Pat xx


Sorry Michelle… not Shelly…

Pat xx


Thanks Pat,

Still being a limbolander makes it hard…really don’t thik I’ll ever walk down the street again , I never wanted the powerwheelchair but now iv’e got it and having Frazer is probably the best thing that happened for me. it actually makes me less disabled in that Iv’e got my freedom back

Thanks for caring… just hard getting my head round it.