feeling so,so ill

Hi Gang, i really could do with some hugs from my friends on here, i dont feel well at all,i have got the confusion and dying feelings,had them all day,cant function much at all, cant even watch tv or read,even thats too much,i feel like crying as i feel that bad.

hope to god its a better day tomorrow.

J x

Hello Mrs J,

i’m so sorry that you are having such a hard time…sometimes i think the dark depressive feelings are worse than the ms , although they must be linked so closely together, there are days when i feel so ill that are followed by really low sad feelings of fear and dread…my cbt lady helped …she said that i was allowed to feel sad some days and to remember that it would pass…, i have to say that iv’e not perfected it yet…but just telling my self that the black fog will lift does help a little.

Another thing that i try to do is to focus on things that don’t require any energy…like you when the black feeling is there i can’t read or watch tv… i feel completely flattened, i lie near the window and watch the birds, i never had the time for them before i was ill, but now i love them… just watching the sparrows and blue tits, does something amazing for me, and i’m not sure why but my spirit lifts just a little bit. Lee has made feeders for them and we have suet balls and seeds.

Having Frazer is also a big help, its the positive endorphins just stroking him or lying my head on him really helps. Have you got a pet? i know its not always possible to have one but after reading Pats messages…you can see Dickie has made such a difference to her.

Sending a Big Hug…Hang on in there my friend…we are all here for you.

Love Michelle x

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Sorry you’re feeling so low, sending positive vibes your way.

Jan x

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thanks Ann, Michelle and Jan,for your kind words,

Michelle i too love to watch the birds.i have a nice garden that i get a lot of pleasure from,and we get lots of birds,bluetits,robins etc,we also get grey squirrels too,that pinch all my bulbs,lol,and i have seen a fox a few times at night,

i would love a dog,but my other half will not hear of it, as it will be him that has to walk it lol,he hates cats,so cant get a cat,either.

J x

Hi J, hope you’re feeling a little better today?

I woke up dizzy and things haven’t improved… all I’ve done is sit in recliner… oh but I did have a play session with Dickie. I thought cats were meant to have 6th sense and know when you’re not well? Oh well I’m not complaining. I love the little fella.

Sending you big (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))) and hope today is a good one.

Bright blue sky and sunshine here in London. Even in the middle of the city there are beautiful things to look at. From my window I can see lots of trees and the rooftops and chimney pots of Victorian houses. I can stare at this view for hours.

Love to all,

Pat xx

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Thanks Pat,its lovely and sunny here too, ‘up north’ feel a bit better than yesterday,but still feel awful,hope your dizziness goes off,

i have a really good view from my bedroom window, i can see the airport,and the countryside in the distance,thats what i loved about this house,when i bought it.


J x

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meant to say,bet you love having Dickie,he sounds like a right bundle of fluffy fun.

J x

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Hi Mrs J,

So sorry you’ve had so many of " those " days…they are the worst, aren’t they?

We know they will pass eventually but it doesn’t help at the time, does it?

Really hoping today has been better for you?

Love Nina xx

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Hi Nina,thanks,

today was a bit better than yesterday, thank god, i didnt get that dreaded ‘dying’ feeling quite as much,it does help to come on here knowing that you all understand,just helps a bit.

Love J x


Hi Mrs J

Sorry to hear things have been difficult for you, hope things are improving for you.


Pam x


Hi MrsJ I am waving to you and sending good vibes. Theodore (my invisible dog is wagging his tail and you got an encouraging whoof you are honoured) says hi.

Do you take any antidepressants? I swear my two little tablets keep me more or less stable. If you do maybe a chat with your GP will help, I recently increased my dose. If you don’t take any it’s not really a problem just another pill to swallow. It’s no wonder we get like it with this blooming illness kicking us all the time.

Hope tomorrow is a better day



I’m flying out of an up north airport (Leeds Bradford) at 6.15 Monday morning, I’ll give a little wave, just in case, and hope my fellow passengers don’t think the lady travelling alone and waving out of the window isn’t too eccentric.

Jan x

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will give you a wave Jan if i am awake lol,where you flying to anywhere nice?

J x

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Don i am on anti depressants have been for a few year now,and increased my dose recently.and i dont really feel that depressed,i just feel very ill ,like my brains packing in, if that makes sense.

give Theodore a pat for me lol,i waved back at you too.

J x

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Turkey for a week, I went earlier in the year for the first time it was lovely. I’m meeting friends out there, it’ll be strange travelling on my own but I’m looking forward to the experience.

Hope you start feeling better soon, I occasionally have odd sensations in my head/brain I’ve wondered if it was when part of me is under attack from my immune system. A bit fanciful I know but it’s how I feel when it happens.

Take care

Jan x

Jan I have a theory for everything, it drive Heather mad.

Mrs J I hope your soon feeling on top of it again. Your brain can’t pack in we won’t allow it we MSers have some rubbish to deal with from the MS fairy but we always win.

Keep your chin up

Xxx Don

Hi Mrs J. Hope you’re feeling a bit better today. Those days are really tough and no matter how much we feel we’re okay or coping etc, they still seem to catch us every now and then… I don’t imagine there’s any way to prevent them altogether, but I also think that anti depressants have helped me as I have them less often and then pick up easier afterwards.

Are you under any pressure at the moment? If there’s anything we can help with you know you have friends here. Just take care of yourself.

Cath x