dying feelings !!!

Do any of you feel so very ill that a ‘dying’ feeling comes over you,thats only way i know how to explain it,i feel so ill i dont know where to put myself,and every so often i get the ‘dying’ sensation and then i just start to sob my heart out,big heart wrenching sobs, i dont cry easily i never have done,so it still seems strange for me to sob my heart out,my partner gets really upset when he sees me like this, when its happening i always say the same thing ‘i just cant do this anymore’ and at the time it really feels like i cant do this anymore.just wonderd if anyone else gets like this.

J x

Hi Jackie, yes I get days like that exactly how you have described right down to the crying. I am convinced that I will never feel any better than I do at that moment. This is such a scary illness, you are always afraid that this time you won’t improve, the crying while upsetting to loved ones releases some of the pent up emotions.

I wish i had had something to say that might be of help, but I don’t, you are not the only one who feels like this.

ann xx

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Hi Jackie

I do get the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by this c**p where I get to the point of thinking I can’t cope anymore, but we do somehow.

At the moment I am on anti depressants and CBT, which does appear to have a positive impact, so do you think this would help you?? Have a chat 2ith your GP or MS nurse Jackie, you don’t have to cope with this on your own.

Hope things get better for you ((((hugs))))

Pam x

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Hi J, I get the dying feeling as well. It’s really awful.

I think when I feel that ill it’s the very worst thing about MS. I can handle the multitude of other problems but the dying feeling is really distressing.

Pat xx

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Thanks Ann, Pam and Pat, i have been getting the awful feeling quite a lot lately,its so distresssing i hate it, and i am sorry that you get it too, i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy,i really wouldnt, i really think i am about to die and feel that bad i wish i could, sounds overly dramatic i suppose, to others that dont get it.

Have a nice weekend all of you.

lots of love

J x


Hi Mrs J,

I had the dying feeling in the night last night…it’s awful, isn’t it…I couldn’t sleep and just didn’t know what to do with myself, I felt so very ill and was in so much pain.

You have so much to cope with at the moment that it’s not surprising that you feel so ill. You’re doing so well coping with everything…you have my total admiration!

How is your tooth?

Keep on being being so brave and take care of yourself,

love Nina xx

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Hi Nina. sorry you felt unwell last night, its awful waking through the night feeling so ill,it seems worse at night somehow doesnt it? hope you feel better today

my friends hubby had a brain tumour a few years ago,and he gets the dying feelings,my friend said he described it just like i do,

i am doing the salt water rinses and its working ok, but i dare not have it hot ,so do it with warmish water,when i remember.

i havent heard from the dental hospital yet,its been over 2 weeks now since i was refferd,but like SJ said if the dentist thought it

had looked suspicious i would have been seen within 48 hours,so i am not overly worried about it.

love J x

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l take L-tyrosine and 5htp to help with depression and mood. lt works well for me. A more natural approach - google it and see what you think. Hope it helps you.

L tyrosine and 5 htp helps with stress and panic attacks as well - read up on it.

l also take Swansons Super Stress B-Complex with vit c. And a high dose B12 - this along with the high dose of Biotin B7 and D3

you can hear me ‘rattling’ along.