Wheelchair & poor circulation

Hi, I use a small electric wheelchair around the home and I really finding my circulation in my legs is getting quite bad from the constant sitting. It’s like the blood flow is getting restricted on the back of my legs, just under my bum, which causes intense tingling all down my legs to my feet and they constantly feel cold. I wear TEDS stockings anyway but it’s getting so uncomfortable now, sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself to get any relief. I work from home in an ‘office type’ job so even if I’m not sat in the wheelchair, I’m sat in an office chair, so i’m always sitting. Do other wheelchair users/less abled people get this too? and what can you/do you do to alleviate this? I literally fidget in a chair to get the blood flowing again cos it’s so horrible. Thanks x

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yep-definitely an issue!

i use a revitive machine for half an hour every night. i have worn compression stockings every day for 6 months. i see a lymphatic drainage therapist 3/4 times a year. backs of legs massaged weekly.

i believe its a combination of these things that help. its good for my mental state cos i feel as if i am trying to maintain what i can. (reality is that its very slowly getting worse but these things i do are enjoyable so win-win)

hope you find something that helps you.


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