Reflexology/massage/smart warm wheelchair trousers

Hi there everyone

I just want to say that I have found this treatment to be beneficial. It is so relaxing and anything that relaxes us has got to be good. I also have a neck/shoulder massage and this helps too.

Just posting this to prove that we do talk about such things on here. Whilst things like yoga/tai chi and Alexander Technique can be extremely beneficial there is also a place for DMDs.

Also just bought some ‘wheelchair’ trousers for use on my buggy, they are warm and smart, if anyone is interested they can send me a private message and I will give them the web address.

Take care everyone.

Love and peace Wendy xxx

I was out in my chair yesterday and OMG did my legs freeze :frowning:

I have the added problem that my brain interprets touching metal as being cold so as my chair is a little snugger than it used to be(!), everything that touches the frame or guards is COOOOOOOOOLD!

I was thinking about buying a smallish throw/rug thing to wrap around me, but maybe proper trousers would be more sensible. So please do send me the details Wendy :slight_smile:

Karen x