Alexander technique anyone?

Last week I went to a introductory session of the Alexander technique and came away legs and back aching really bad. That evening all my nerves became sensitive and I had to go to bed early. I woke up in the morning feeling about 50% better.

Has anyone else had the Alexander before? It was a bit manipulation of my neck and spine when they teach you stuff.

I was hoping it was going to be a positive experience but sadly it wasn’t.


hiya lenny

i am bit confused! did u mean 50% worse-not better?

i know of it but have never experienced it. i have tried reiki,reflexology and cranial osteopathy with only positive effects. tho i did have a ‘healing crisis’ after the reflexology but i was already aware that could happen.

this ms malarkey is an **** as one thing doesnt suit us all sadly!

hope you find some relief from something!


I just looked up Alexander Technique. I can’t see any way that if it’s taught by a good well trained and qualified practitioner that it wouldn’t be a good thing. It’s all about posture and balance etc, which are problematic for many of us with MS. But we are all different, it just seems a shame when you try something new that’s supposed to help doing the reverse.

Was your introductory session recommended by anyone who’s used this therapist? Was the person experienced and qualified? Did he/she know you have MS and perhaps have some understanding of your particular physical problems? Or was it just your fatigue levels / using muscles you usually don’t / exercising for too long that were the problem? I know that I found a one hour long hydrotherapy session was way too long, even half an hour would wipe me out and ultimately I found the after effects outweighed the benefits. And that was with a well respected qualified experienced therapist.

I do hope you feel better now. Ellie’s right, not everything suits everyone. But a therapy that makes you worse is the pits.


Hi thanks for your replies. I feel about 50% recovered to how I was before the alexander technique. It was a session by a alexander teacher who had been teaching the technique on people for 3 years. She was qualified and part of an alexander school. I did explain about my health and that I had an epley treatment some years ago that went wrong, leaving me with a very sore neck and shoulder.

I can see the technique would work for some people and what I have been taught to do on my own will be of some help. It was the guidance and manipulation by her ( the pushing and pulling on my neck and shoulders) that seemed to trigger the aches and pains.

Hopefully it will all go away soon, they are sensitive areas for me. I have had physiotherapy before and didn’t get any aches after.

I think if I got a book about the technique it could teach me more about good posture. There’s also videos on web about some of the techniques used.

You might be suffering because it has actually worked - and that your body is adjusting to how it should be - especially as you did see a registered Alexander Technique Teacher. The treatment is quite gentle.

l wish there was someone in my area that does it. l did have a course of treatment - many years ago - but l did have a long drive to get there. For me - it was miraculous - l struggled to get in the place - but walked out looking as if l had nothing wrong with me.

Your post has just reminded me.

l do Pilates - which helps me a lot. And l can blend the exercises into everyday movements - so l can continually do them.