Reflexology ..

Speaking to a colleague in work who has been trained in reflexology… she offered me a free session… Just a bit concerned of what trigger points it will hit.

Has anyone out there, tried this??? If so, any positives, negatives to this. Thanx for any comments.

Hi Pink,

I haven’t (yet) got around to trying this, but I believe it’s acknowledged by NICE as one of the few alternative therapies from which persons with MS may derive some benefit.

They stop short of actually recommending it, because I don’t think the available evidence to date meets their stringent standards, but they certainly don’t caution against it.

I asked my GP on one occasion if it would be safe, and also if there was any science behind how it might work. She certainly didn’t think there was any harm in trying, and she also thought it possible certain kinds of stimulus might be able to improve nerve conductivity in the central nervous system - so there was at least a hypothetical chance of it helping, though we don’t really understand how.

Obviously, my doc’s opinion won’t necessarily be that of everyone, so if in doubt, check with your own GP.

But if I had the chance of a free session, I’m pretty sure I’d go for it. If you do, please post back how you get on.

Good luck!


Hi, I had one session but afraid I didn’t have a very good reaction to it. Ended up with a mother of headaches which lasted a couple of days. It could just have been me though, so it might help you. Karen x

I’ve had reflexology a number of times. I can’t say it made any difference to how I felt, ms-wise, but it was very relaxing. Give it a try - if you dont like it, you dont have to have it again. :slight_smile:

Hi, I had a whole course when going through the dx process. I didn’t really believe in it if I’m honest but the day after each session I always felt strangely wiped out. I was having lots of pains and aches at the time and was freaked out by the accuracy of the reflexologist when she massaged my feet and picked out the exact areas of my problems. Give it a go, it can’t do any harm! I hate people touching my feet but I found it very relaxing, Chis

I have reflexology about once a fortnight and have done for quite a few years.

I don’t think it has made any difference to my MS or anything else medical for that matter however, as others have said, it is deeply relaxing which has to help. I have no clinical evidence whatsoever for my next statement, but to my lay brain, I think it may well help to have the nerves in the feet stimulated.

I would give it a go, it won’t do any harm

I love it, its great and can’t ‘sing’ its praises enough. Have had it since I was pregnant in 2008, always feel good/great afterwards.

I have only had a foot session - and I threw up almost immediately. The only thing you can do is try it and see.


Hi I used to have it regularly when I was going to the respite centre.

I enjoyed it immensely. It was soooo relaxing and I never had any illl effects from it.

The therapist didn`t tell me anything she found which was amiss, unless I asked.

give it a go.

luv POllx

ask re friend re healing crisis. it hasnt stopped me having reflexology but they should make u aware of potential side effects.

ellie x

I am going for my first session on Wednesday! It sounds good…so we’ll see. Worth a try I think. Kx

I had a friend training in it too, and luckily for me used me a a “case subject”. It did not help or be detrimental to my MS, but I really enjoyed it and probs the most relaxing time I have spent, so it was of benefit. And I hate anyone touching my feet! Go on give it a go and remember to drinks lots of water and look forward to chill time .

Hi pink69,

Most of the ‘replies’ seem to be from ‘females’. I’m male but have had MS for over 13 years - I’ve tried a ‘relaxation’ tape from the library. It’s free, so if it’s no good then it hasn’t ‘cost’ you anything.

Marcus. x.

Hi there, I’m a qualified reflexologist (and have ms) and can only recommend of course that you give it a go. Any seemingly negative reactions e.g the above mentioned ‘feeling wiped out’ and ‘throwing up’ are what a reflexologist might refer to as a healing crisis, where your body is trying to bring itself back into balance (not scientifically proved I might add but is what I was taught). Whatever may or may not happen it is usually a deeply relaxing experience. Make sure you tell your reflexologist where you have any current problems so that they might pay particular attention to the relevant parts on your feet. The brain and head areas are represented on the underside of the big toes. The neck at the base of the big toes. The spine follows a line coming down the inside of the foot from the base of the big toe and may well be a bit tender. I personally often have a reaction where the adrenal glands are (which tend to be a bit sensitive if you’ve been feeling stressed lately). Just a note on pressure. I have always found it best to ask the client what kind of pressure they like best. Some reflexologists will apply only a very light pressure, which is not always good news for people with very sensitive or ticklish feet. On the other hand if the pressure is too much you might end up feeling more pain than pleasure!! So don’t be afraid to ask your reflexologist to adjust to a pressure that suits you. I don’t like to go into too much theory as to why reflexology might work because much of it is not scientifically proved and sometimes people like to hear that. I am also a trained massage therapist but have always found the reflexology the most satisfying therapy to give because it always seemed to bring about some sort of reaction (e.g. healing crisis) or result. My reflexology teacher used to swear by it for helping with fertility problems! My motto is ‘you should try anything once’. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

thanks topsy! eloquently put! healing crisis is something that thould be explained beforehand-as i said-its not stopped me going back!

ellie x

Thanx all my fellow society members, definitely gonna give it a go… once kids back in school… I will invite her over and see how it goes. Had really bad wkend with constipation, so hopefully she can sort that out as well… x x thanx again

Believe me if they are good at what they do, it will sort your latest problem out lol! I had not liked to mention that in my previous post …

Can I have reflexology when having a lapse or is it best to wait until after the relapse is over? X

That’s meant to say relapse not lapse…oops x