Complementary Therapies

I’m considering going for some Reiki but I’m interested to know if anyone has felt the benefits from any kind of complementary therapy and if so, which ones?


Hi Sarah

Go for it! For the experience if nothing else! I will write more tomorrow but am not long in from A&E with my daughter and need my bed!

Ellie x (Reiki Master so completely biased towards its benefits!)

l have tried several alternative treatments - and have felt much better after all of them. But the effect is shortlived.

l went several times for Reiki treatment. Each time - l would hobble in - and 1 1/2 hrs later come out - upright with no footdrop etc. l wish l could learn to do it myself - perhaps Ellie can tell me if it is possible to treat myself. l know people with race-horses - and they have them regularly treated my a Reiki master [mistress]. Apparently not unusual in the competitive horse area. You can’t say this is placebo - when it is animals.

l have no movement in my left leg/foot/toes - but after a reiki session l can wriggle my toes.

Reflexology has also given me some relief of symptoms - so has acupuncture.

My vet has used acupuncture on my dogs - and it has been successful.

The only thing stopping me from continuing with these treatments is - l am afraid - the cost. Times are hard.

l do not live anywhere near a MS Therapy Centre - so thats out of the question.


I get reki quiet regular,i frfind its main benefit is relaxation,ive tried indian head massage which i enjoyed,reflexology only once,and amoratherapy,i do not think imo there is aa long term benefit,but it is worth getting it ,if for no reasson other than being pamapered for a hour

I haven,t tried reiki but have tried reflexology, was wonderful, not sure it helps ms in long run but sure makes me feel better, go for it xx

meant to say havent had reflexology for a couple of years but legs are playing up and think i will book myself in again cos it does seem to give me some relief xx

I got a leaflet through the door the other day offering free Bowen technique treatment - I rec’d 3 free sessions. Limited pressure is applied on pressure points on the body to try to assist to body heal itself. I must confess that I have always believed in the this kind of therapy and appreciate thats half the battle, but I am able to walk much further than I could before now - and feel different if not better. I also do Hatha Yoga so the two seem to compliment each other. Great to hear what works for others - don’t want to kick off the medication v alternative options debate! but I have always worried about sending the body mixed signals. All the best to you all. Peter

thanks everyone, some very helpful suggestions, I will certainly be giving it a go…nothing to lose after all


I’ve had Reiki a few times. Very odd experience. As many would know I am definitely sceptical about alternative therapies but the Reiki did do something.

It was a very warm and relaxing feeling and VERY vivid images swirling through my head. I can’t comment on whether it would help with MS because I had it years before I was Dx. But good relaxation can surely do no one any harm?

Just take your time getting up after the session because I felt quite pleasanrtly drunk after it so I can imagine if I had it done now with wonky legs etc I might fall over!

I use aromatherapy for neurogenic pain (as well as my standard battery of drugs) and find that peppermint oil and lavender oil rubbed along the painful nerve pathway does give temporary relief.

And I find Yoga is great for very gentle stretching and helps with my balance too. My yoga teacher is very good at adapting the pose for me to do using a chair which is great.

Enjoy the Reiki



Have sent you PM with some info.

Forgot to mention in the PM that I regularly work with animals (and kids!) They are brill cos the are more likely to accept the unbelievable!

After one session my asthmatic son didnt need his prescribed medication again! Before I am lynched-always consult with your GP before any complimentary therapy. They (medical and complimentary) work together-I have never liked the term ‘alternative’.

I have just had lunch with a friend who had a Reiki session 5 years ago (from me) because of an arthritic shoulder, he couldnt lift arm above his head (not handy when he works in a shop and has to reach up whilst selling cigarrettes!) It has never bothered him again since…

Anyway-time for a cuppa…

E x

PS I am not making any wild claims-just stating experiences.

I have reflexology and its great, have done it for the last 4yrs, started because i was pregnant, and still have it and its very relaxing too.