complimentary therapies


Does anyone have any experience of trying any alternative therapies?

thank u :slight_smile:



What kind of alternative therapy do you fancy Sammy?

Reiki is wonderful…I’m trained in Reiki so I would say that lol it is relaxing though.

I’ve tried Reflexology, enjoyed that too. Indian head massage…gorgeous.

If you have a local therapist, then just give one of the treatments a try. It’s the only way to find out what you like.


I love reiki!!! Its fabulous and really does work. I go to a friend for this, she has loads of animals. The cats that normally dont come near me pile on me when being treated so it’s extra therapeutic!!

I started having it a few years ago to help treat a broken ankle, but found the therapist concentrating on my head and neck more, it almost burned when he was doing it and he always said thats where my main issues were coming from. Now all I need to do is get the neurologist to agree!


another fan of reiki here-been reiki master for 15 yrs-also am trained in indian head massage but no longer practise the head massage cos i physically cant do it!

have had reflexology but it didnt agree with me. cranial oseopathy i have every 6/8 weeks and will not stop it again! i did several years ago cos i was feeling so well, ach we all learn by our mistakes eh?

but its important to find what suits you. good luck!


I’ve tried acupuncture - did diddly squat for me.

My practitioner was at least ethical enough to have a chat with me and admit he didn’t think we were having a lot of success. That was good of him, because one of the problems (albeit true of conventional medicine too) is never being quite sure how long to persevere, before concluding something isn’t helping. There’s always that lurking thought: “Maybe I’m too impatient? If I gave it a bit longer, would it work?”

So I was very lucky to have someone honest enough NOT to keep taking my money, when I couldn’t decide if it was doing anything. If you’re not sure, an easy way to check is to stop the therapy for a while. If you feel worse, you know it must have been helping. If you can’t feel any difference, you know you might as well save yourself the money.



Auyervedic meditation twice a day. Really good for anxiety relief.

I’ve had the Advanced Bowen Technique a couple of times and really wish I could afford to have it once a month. In fact I’m considering having it again as I’ve been having problems with a hip joint recently which is affecting my enjoyment of yoga classes.

I’ve never had massage but I understand it is very different to massage techniques as there is no deep manipulation of muscles and you get to stay fully clothed. It’s a very gentle rolling movement by the therapist and it is really relaxing. However, you can definitely feel something working in your body and I was really tired for a couple of days afterwards. Then, I felt fantastic. My therapist also worked on a shoulder joint that wouldn’t move past a certain point and he freed it off and gave me some exercises to keep it moving. I couldn’t believe how much improved it was and all without any pain during the treatment.

The literature I was given explained that the technique sends information from the muscles and joints to the brain which sends corrective information back. I couldn’t have been more sceptical when I read about the technique and initially went along for a £5 taster session thinking ‘I have nothing to lose except the fiver!’. I was amazed that it worked and subsequently paid £40 a session for two full sessions lasting an hour each. [Actually after discussing my medical issues (MS, migraines, asthma and rhinitis) with the therapist, I think he felt sorry for me as I had well over an hour each time :wink: ]

Tracey x

I have spa treatments a few times a year - pedicure with foot massage, a back massage and occasionally reiki if there’s a trained therapist available. They are all relaxing, they all make me feel better in myself.

You may need to complete a questionnaire before having treatment: I do at the spa I use. And because I’m seeing a neuro regularly, I have to have a letter from my GP to say I can have treatments (mine doesn’t charge, some do). My GP’s letter simply says I am fit enough to have any treatments I want, which is great - it leaves it up to me to decide what I want. Check with your therapist in advance so that if you do need a letter, you can take one with you - and if you decide to have regular treatments, check how long the letter remains valid. The spa I use regards a doctor’s letter as valid for 6 months, so if I have repeat treatments in that time, I don’t need a new letter.

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