On going Pain


Can anyone let me know if they’ve tried Alternative Therapies to help with their pain?

My boyfriends pain seems to be getting worse, or he’s beginning to notice it more, either way I would like to try and get him some different help, besides his medication he’s on?

I was looking into Acupuncture…Is it available on the NHS?

I do massage and that does seem to help for a short time…

Many thanks



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We know that!!!

I’d like to try something legal…my boyfriend is in the Police…

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yes me.

i was taking amytriptyline for nerve pain and got off it completely over 6 months using reiki. i am very aware some think thats impossible and by same token i am biased cos i am a reiki master! however if you want to read about it them pm me and i will point you at some reading material. i am more than happy to offer u/he distant healing if you want?

i dunno whats available on nhs-it seems to vary!

hope you find something that works-long term pain can be so all-consuming-i know.


Hi my gp surgery has a physio attached who gives acupuncture and massarge and it is avaliable on NHS I had tried it years ago for a neck injury and it was given by someone else and didn’t work but it is working now for my nerve pain in my legs along with a gentle pilates exercises but I go to see my physio privately as it is such a long wait on NHS. I wanted to try anything as I couldn’t just put up with it. Good luck with your search Sue

Tai Chi is a very good way of helping and dealing with pain, you can usually take part through your local pain clinic. I’m undergoing acupuncture on the NHS at present, it seems to work better on nerve pain than it does with Arthritis but it doesn’t seem to last (but we’re all different).

I also use reflexology and have just started using mindfulness, in other words meditation. Reiki does sound interesting but it’s what suits you. I think the first step is to get a referral to your local pain clinic.

Wendy x

  • Cannabis is a Class B drug – it’s illegal to have for yourself, give away or sell.
  • Possession is illegal whatever you’re using it for, including pain relief. The penalty is up to five years in jail.
  • Supplying someone else can get you fourteen years and an unlimited fine.
  • Supplying your mates, even if you give it away, is also considered ‘supplying’ under the law.

There is no conclusive evidence of the efficacy of medicinal cannabis for MS

Sativex, however, has been found safe and effective in trials

It’s licensed in the UK to treat people with MS who have muscle spasms and stiffness

The latest NICE clinical guideline rejected it based on a flawed assessment of its cost effectiveness. In Wales, however, the drug has been made available on the NHS following a thorough review which came to the conclusion the treatment could indeed be provided at an affordable cost.

The MS Society would welcome a thorough review of the medicinal use of cannabis, but the simpler solution would be for NICE to conduct a full technology appraisal of Sativex, looking at all the evidence available.

Stewart (admin)


Sorry Stewart I know you’re doing your job but that just sucks!!! Whilst not a user myself (I’m a user of loads of prescribed drugs that almost certainly don’t do my long term health any good) I do know people with ms who find it considerable useful, Also you must know how difficult it is to be prescribed Sativex in some parts of the country.

Wendy x

Hi, You’ve wondered about acupuncture and Corkie mentioned Tai Chi. I’ve experience of both and so thought maybe I could help a bit. Acupuncture should be able to help, and if you can get it on the NHS then great, otherwise it could turn out to be expensive, because it’s not a one session therapy, patients need a series of sessions at first then ‘top ups’ every so often. Tai Chi is great for relieving stress (and that should help make pain easier to handle), but it does depend on the instructor and the style being taught. I used to teach Tai Chi before my MS stopped me, and can advise further if you like.

Mindfulness will work as a stress reliever too, and is wonderful. What you choose will depend on what’s available in your area, and what seems to suit best.

I do think that helping to reduce stress can help, long term, and makes you feel in better control. Have you considered clinical hypnotherapy, it can be great for relieving pain?

So…many…replies…to…that… resist, resist, resist… :smiley:

I had 10 sessions off acupuncture it didn’t work well for me leaving me intensely sore each time but stuck out the coarse

After being advised it would work after the coarse was complete don’t think it made any difference finding something to take your mind off the pain might be more use g

Hi, Tens machine is good for pain, my husband does reflexology to help with my pain he is no expert, but as read lots about it reflexology it is amazing helps so much with pain, I also do taichi classes but practice at home and that also helps with pain.

Many things are illegal, but how many are enforced? Durham Police for one, has publicly stated that it will not enforce cannabis laws, which are based entirely upon untested and unverified scare-mongering from almost a century ago.

Many studies have shown proven efficacy of cannabinoids and THC to assist in the management of MS symptoms. Google it. You do not see US states suddenly legalising the herb and entire other countries changing their policies due to a few stoners spreading rumours.

And finally, any basis for the provision of a genuinely effective and life enhancing therapy when based purely upon cost can go shove it. We are talking about the pain and constant suffering of people who have few, if any, other avenues of hope. The NHS wishes to reject concepts of medication due to cost? What of the vast sums donated to countless middle aged men who need a blue pill of a crutch to get it up on a Saturday night? Not exactly a generic pharmaceutical and yet, it is funded.

Admin - i presume this cookie cutter post from you is some form of due diligence on your part and so sincerely, thank you. However, as with the last time you presented these exact same words, i am provoked to ask, how many people have been ‘jailed up to five / fourteen years’?

Please stop scare mongering.

Durham Police - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/cannabis-growers-should-not-face-prosecution-says-police-chief-who-has-stopped-targeting-small-scale-10405887.html

A life history of the herb - UKCIA

that just means he is able to get hold of the really good stuff and probably for free too!

There is a trial recruiting currently for Canbex which will be a competitor to Sativex. For muscle spasms and stiffness.


Location of trial: The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery Recruiting London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3BG

If you are interested your GP or neurologist can sign you up for the trial.

Yeah, that was one… :wink: