hi all.

my ms nurse has suggested i try this for the pain in my left arm and hand.

anyone tried it before and what were the results.the drugs dont work so need something to give me some relief from the pain even if only for a couple of hours.


Hi, I`ve tried it 3 times…for foot and thigh pain… got about 36 hours relief on one occassion.

Wortha try mate!

luv Pollx

Hi Spudz,

There’s no harm giving it a try.

I felt it did have some effect, sometimes. But unfortunately, I never got really dramatic or consistent results with it.

I was lucky enough to have a very ethical practitioner, and it was he himself who pointed out £35 a week was a lot of money, if I wasn’t getting more tangible results from it.

I was so lucky I had someone honest like that, otherwise the temptation might have been to persevere, in case I hadn’t given it enough chance.

When it did work, I didn’t feel it even relieved pain, necessarily. More like gave me more resilience, so I didn’t mind as much. If I thought about the pain, I realised it was still there - I was just tolerating it better. But that’s still succes,s of a kind!

Give it a try, but don’t get roped into continuing indefinitely, if you’re not experiencing positive benefits. Set a deadline.

If in doubt whether it’s working, an experiment is to stop for a while, and see if things get worse again. If nothing changes at all (as in my case), it probably wasn’t doing much in the first place!



I got acuppuncture from my physio when exercises to help a sore shoulder didn’t work. I had six sessions, and it worked for the first four. It’s worth a go - I didn’t pay anything for it because the physio did it.

Good luck

Luisa x

Hi, just wanted to say that my cat Jack had a very bad problem with his back earlier this year.

Over 8 months he had two lots of x-rays on his back and his head and neck, was seen by two different vets, they consulted with and sent x-rays to a vet hospital and they wanted an MRI.

He was on anti-spasmodics because he could barely walk, he stopped eating, You could see the pain in his eyes, it was awful. The vet said his quality of life was so bad we should consider having him euthanised.

I found out that another vet 15 miles away did acupuncture for animals, mainly dogs and horses but she had done a couple of cats, so we took him to see her.

After 3 sessions he could jump up the fence again, run around at 80 miles an hour, chase my other cat to within an inch of her life and generally be the pain in the arse he was before.

I am not suggesting you are anything like a cat but acupuncture can and does work.

Good luck.

Hi, has anyone had accupuncture to help with mobility. Did it work and if so how long was it till any benefit showed? I’ve got SPMS and been getting accupuncture for about 7 weeks.