Anyone tried Acupuncture?

Hi, just wondered if anyone has found relief from Acupuncture? Don’t want to spend a lot of money if it hasn’t helped all! Suffering with fatigue and balance problems. Many thanks in anticipation. Spike :sunglasses:

Hi Spike,
I’ve had acupuncture for a problem with my shoulder, but not for an MS thing - I have a sore shoulder stemming from not using my walking stick properly and having poor posture as a result. I had physio for the shoulder, but when the exercises didn’t really work, she tried acupuncture - after the first session, I slept all night for the first time in months without having to get up at about 0300 to take painkillers! The shoulder is still sore - physio could only give me 6 sessions of acupuncture, and to be honest, it wasn’t helping any after about the 4th one, but the pain that I have now is nothing compared to what it was. Give it a bash, you’ll probably know after the first session if it’s going to help.


Thanks very much Luisa, my Sister-in-Law has suggested this so will probably give it a whirl! Regarding your shoulder, I’ve recently changed over to a rollator when I feel able to walk about. I know they aren’t very elegant for us ladies but it’s made me more confident and stable, getting around rather than being a bit one-sided with a stick. Just a thought for you! All the best and thanks again, Spike :wink:

Hi Spike,

I have tried it. Bit of a mixed verdict, really. I did think it had some effects, but not dramatic or consistent enough to persevere, really. Make sure you get an ethical practitioner. I was very lucky: it was my acupunturist, not me, who suggested we should stop, because he didn’t feel good about continuing to take my money, when the results were so marginal. With any alternative therapy - indeed, some conventional medicine too - it’s easy to get trapped into persevering, just in case you haven’t given it “enough chance” yet. But obviously, if you’re paying for private sessions, this can work out pretty expensive.

I did find it all very interesting, and I’d be the last person to poo-poo it, as I did think there was something going on. But having said that, I don’t think it achieved spectacular success in my case. Others might be luckier.


hi spike, i’ve had accupunture for MS, i found it good for pain relief, but it doesn’t last very long.

you don’t have to pay for it though, i got it on the NHS, if you go to your local physiotherapy drop in clinic, the will prescribe it there for you. hope this helps, love Bex xx

i was offered acupuncture a few years ago by an NHS physiotherapist (as in free!), i’ve had a lot of neuro pain and it took years to find a medicine combination that had a good result. i was surprised when i was offered acupuncture but thought it was worth a try, so went ahead. the effect, for me, was amazing, it reduced my pain levels enough to allow me to sleep for several hours that night, something i hadn’t done in years, the same thing happened on the following weeks. i’d definately recommend anyone to try it, i only stopped when i moved towns, which coincided with me trying newer more successful meds. incidentally, my physio told me that acupuncture generally becomes less effective when it’s done over an extended period of time, although it worked very well for me for about 5 months. i hope that you find acupuncture as helpful as i did.


Thank you all very much for your replies. Will let you know how I get on. All the best, Spike :wink:

Just started a course provided via local charity. Marvelous effects, improved posture, vision and temper - but they wear off way before my next session; alm thinking of sving up to pay for some!