Hi, I hope everyone is as well as you can be. I am going to have acupuncture tomorrow to see if it will help with my fatigue. Has anyone tried this? Thanks Helly.

Dear Helly, would love to know how you get on. Sorry, I haven’t had any acupuncture, but I am considering it for vertigo? Good luck Ali

Hi Helly, l had acupuncture in my legs , unfortunately it caused severe spasm so l had to stop treatment.

but that’s not saying it won’t work for you.

hope all goes well.

Margaret ( Charlie B )

Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I really went to see if acupuncture could help with fatigue so I wasn’t expecting anything the first time but, made another appointment for next week. Fingers crossed!


Yes I’ve had a course of Acupuncture. It was performed by my Neuro Physiotherapist. She happened to need guinea-pigs for her University Masters research during her studies. I said count me in! I was curious to see any benefits to my physical well-being as I have MS. Also a freebie I couldn’t possibly refuse! Purely professional experience with no particular notable benefits, in my case!