Acupuncture ??


Me again. In the thick of it just now and when I visited doctor last night she told me if it’s confirmed I have ms to try acupuncture via a proper doctor.

Interested to find out people’s views on it? Does it help in any way?

Thanks suz

Acupuncture for what? Sorry, I don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong; I have had good experiences with acupuncture for a specific non-MS-related injury that was slow to heal so it not like I’m against it, but that was a very specific problem. I’m not sure the vague ‘try acupuncture’ advice is any more helpful than saying ‘try a pill’ without specifying which one! But maybe the advice was a little more targeted than that. I hope so.


Well I am super tired beyond belief and I broke down in docs in tears last night with frustration. So I take it something to do with that x

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Hi I have a friend who has acupuncture regularly for her ms - not sure why - but she says its amazing and wouldnt be without it, its her monthly fix. Ive never tried it so cant say anything from experience

Great thank you

Hi, I tried acupuncture a few times…it did zilch for anything!
But, you never know, it might help you.

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Cool thanks x mix of reviews on it

I tend to agree with Alison, it seems a bit vague, however, I also see that doing anything which might be beneficial is worth a go. I am a bit of a cynical techie, so acupuncture always seemed a bit “wacky” until I tried it to help with migraine, and it proved to be very good for me.
Good luck


Love it. Yes I am a bit erm duno know too. Just thinking mix really. Don’t know what to expect either

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Suzy, has your MS Team prescribed Fampridine? Both this medication and acupuncture can help with MS fatigue for some of us.