Hi everyoneq

wondering if anyone has had accupuncture therapy?my back is so bad and after going to the hospital yesterday and was told have to have a mri scan of my lower back.

But was told accupuncture is also good

Hi Kazza, I tried acupuncture for leg pains and it worked for 36 hours.

Others tries were unsuccessful. Worth giving it a go.

luv Pollx

thanks poll

yes im going to give it a go,got appointment tomorrow, hopefully my back will get a bit better

karen xx

Did it help?

luv Pollx

Hi everyone this is my first time ,I am waiting to see my consultant for a final diagnosis, it’s only taken a year of every test you can think of, the last one was a very painful LP. Well we all know what the diagnosis will be but as he says he has to rule out every thing else. Any way does any one know what I can do or take for the pain in my legs and feet, feels like they are constantly in a bucket of ice. Thanks in anticipation.

Hi Amazon Lady and welcome to the board…

Does the neuro think it is PPMS?

Anyway hon… it’s a funny thing (NOT funny ha ha!) getting a dx but also a bit of a relief if you’ve been waiting for a while. At least you know what you’re dealing with.

You posted on the end of another post (don’t worry about it hon lots of newbies do it). Go back to the page where you can see all the list of posts, and click on ‘new thread’.

That way everyone will see you’re a newbie and will welcome you. We are very close and supportive gang on this board so you can come on here and ask anything and rant or laugh or whatever. We’re all here for each other.

In terms of pain, what has your neuro prescribed? Normally we get Amitriptyline (which is an anti depressant but don’t let that put you off… it’s great for nerve pain)… or Gabapentin or Pregabalin… both drugs for epilepsy but also great for nerve pain.

If not on any of the above, see your GP or ask your neuro when you go back for LP results.

In meantime, a good pain combo is 1 Paracetamol plus 1 Ibuprofin. No more than 3 times a day. It won’t completely stop nerve pain but it will dull it. It also works well on muscular pain which you can get with MS if your walking gait is putting extra strain on muscles.

Most pain with MS is caused by the nerves, and the muscle pain caused by walking badly is called ‘secondary pain’.

You’ll find only too soon that you will be an expert on all of this!

Good luck with the results and see you again soon,

Pat x