MS and acupuncture

I am waiting for a 99% certain confirmation of MS. I am aware that acupuncture is an acceptable therapy for MS symptoms. Question: could it be possible that acupuncture triggers MS symptoms?

This might sound a little extreme but acupuncture works by triggering bodily functions, so what if it put my autoimmune into overdrive? Of course DNA wise I probably had a latent ‘tendency’ towards an autoimmune disease but what if acupuncture triggered the flare? There is unlikely to be any research/data on this (even if MS research orgs collect data on pre diagnosis therapies).

Don’t get me wrong. Acupuncture has done wonders for another health problem (my gyno was left with her mouth open with the results!) Also my symptoms are very mild so who is to say that my year of acupuncture didn’t restrict the severity of my ‘1st flare up’. A friend who works with MS patients among many others (not a neuro) told me to get the ‘silly’ idea out of my head…

Thank you in advance for any experiences/thoughts.

Hi Dem

It is highly unlikely that acupuncture triggers MS symptoms.

Tbh have you really got enough headspace to worry about this whilst waiting for a diagnosis?

Deep breathing is a wonderful habit to take up,

Good luck xx

Thank you Carole and fair point!

Looking forward I want to get feedback in order to continue acupuncture without this thought niggling in the back of my mind.

You are right though.I should get over it. Thanks again for your practical/helpful comment.

PS Happened to have taken up Yoga/deep breathing about 2 yrs ago so totally agree re its value.

I have just bought a tens machine. It is brilliant! My muscles get very tight and sore and using the tens machine completely relaxes me.

Hi deb, glad to hear it helps so much.


MS-caused tattered wiring in the CNS blocks/slows/distorts the traffic of nerve impulses. Acupuncture works by rebalancing and improving the flow of energy around the body. Conventional and complementary medical practitioners have different names for and concepts of energy (and will quarrel over them too…), but it all boils down to the same thing in the end, or so it seems to me, and improving energy flow can only be good, I think. I love acupuncture, and have, like you, had great success with non MS-related matters. I would not hesitate to use it again.


Hi Bouds I only got it last week… I wish I had bought it ages ago!

I used electro-acupuncture many years ago for a non-MS problem and am sure it helped. I posted this link on another thread just a few weeks back, it’s a page of info on the MS Trust website.


Thank you Alison - and apologies for the late response…The flow of energy explanation and notion that conventional practitioners refer to it too is very useful. Thanks again

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Thank you Ben will ask my therapist.

Thank you for the tip!