Hi all hows the new year treating you.

I have had some pain in right foot after a break of a bone some time ago, was told to put insoles in to straighten my foot up, still painfull has anyone tryed Acupncture for foot pain l am a bit of a baby when it comes to pain but wood give it a go if it may help.

Take care all regards Jan xx

Hi Jan, yes, Ive had acupuncture 3 times, but it didnt help with hip and foot pain. But everyone is different and you could try itto see, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Jan,

I’ve tried acupuncture too, but like Poll, I never really found it helped much with pain.

I didn’t think it was complete hokum, as I felt it sometimes helped with stamina and resilience - so ability to tolerate pain, if you like, rather than changing the pain itself.

But even that was a bit hit and miss, and didn’t last very long (about 48 hours max). I didn’t find the effect was strong enough, or reliable enough, to keep persevering.

The acupuncture itself is NOT painful, by the way. The needles are much finer than a normal surgical needle such as you might have had for blood tests or injections. They’re like a human hair - really fine and springy.

Having said that, I never found the experience entirely pleasant. Although it’s not painful, you can sometimes get little zaps of energy that give you a fright. They last only a fraction of a second, so not even really long enough to register pain. It’s like an electrical sensation, not dissimilar to neurological symptoms you might already have had with MS, or the feeling when you hit your funny bone.

Some practitioners believe this response is an essential element of the treatment, and actively try to induce it. My acupuncturist always used to be pleased if he got a particularly big zap, because to him, that proved he’d got the right spot, and that the treatment was working. He thought it was the stalled energies coming out.

My mum, on the other hand, had acupuncture with a different therapist, and she never experienced these zaps, and the therapist never tried to provoke one.

Although I didn’t much like them, it at least made it feel to me as if something was happening. The acupuncturist can feel them on the other end of the needle, too.



Acupuncture can be pretty good for pain, but it does depend on the pain I suppose. Our local NHS physios do acupuncture now, so I guess there must be a fair amount of evidence suggesting it works if the NHS fund it, and fund courses for physios to learn it.

I had it once for a problem with my calf. Didn’t do much because it wasn’t really the correct treatment, but it certainly didn’t hurt. My (non-MSer) husband had it for a back problem and it really helped.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

Karen x


I’ve had acupuncture a few few times for back ache and I found it pretty good. It’s not painful and I hope you find it helps




I recommend trying it. I had it for a frozen shoulder and it helped. My mum had it for a degenerative back condition (unable to walk very far) and it helped alot and a friend received it for severe pain with a crumbling hip joint due to chemo treatment and she was able to walk without aid which was impossible before the acupuncture. It was so effective for her she used to save her treatment until she needed to feel better for a special occasion. Try it, what have you to loose.

Good luck