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Hey friends. I was wondering if any of you struggle considerably with nerve pain and take opiods? Ive been on Gabapentin (and have tried amitriptyline and pregabalin and Duloxetine) for the last few years and my pain has gotten steadily worse especially since October. Im at the point where Im unable to sleep at night (im getting 2-3 hours on average) and my mums having to help me in and out of the bath due to the pain/tingling and numbness and Im just exhuasted with it all. Ive heard that these types of meds dont work for nerve pain but wondered what youre guys experience was?


Like you I also have nerve pain, severe pins and needles in my feet and legs (which I have been unable to use since 2013). Pain which wakes me up in my right arm, and recently in of all places in my gums, spoke to the dentist who said its not my teeth or gums.

I take 2700mg gabapentin daily also amitriptylene, but nothing works. The GP put me on morphine patches which did nothing for the pain, but did make me fall asleep with a hot drink in my hand and gave me bad dreams. My pain consultant said that opioids do not work on nerve pain, but could offer no alternative.

I take tramadol for general pain Pregabalin for nerve pain the odd paracetamol when needed and the neuroligist

Prescribed clonazipam for night time spasms when required.

You need to talk to your ms nurse and neuroligist there will be something that suits you available.

jaysus! we still live in a world where opioids are more accessible than cannabinoids? really? FFS SMH.

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Yes Paolo, indeed. And yet tobacco is perfectly legal, which has been a proven carcinogen, to those who smoke it and to those who have passively done so. It costs the health service a fortune, but of course it also reaps a huge haul for the coffers in the Government.