Neuropathic Pain

Over the last few months the neuropathic pain in my legs has been getting worse despite all the medication on. Currently one of the tablets I take is Tramadol, which was prescribed by the pain clinic, which has been working great up until now. My doctor wants me to start using Morphine patches and wean me off the Tramadol before he refers me back to the Pain Clinic.

I don’t tolerate morphine at all well as it makes me really sick, I even refused it when I broke my back last year after a fall. He thinks that I’ll tolerate patches better but I’m not convinced. I’m also currently on Amitriptyline & Clonazepam and have tried gabapentin, pregablin etc but does anyone know of an alternative to morhine? Any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Hi, Have you thought about trying CBD oil? I haven’t tryed it but I take cannabis for the pain its brillant, alot of people use CBD oil for pain