I’ve just come back from the Pain Clinic and they have suggested I try Tramadol for neuropathic pain. I wondered if anyone else took this and whether it was effective.

I already take amitryptyline (50mg), this takes the edge off the pain, a larger dose didn’t help. I have also tried pregabalin, gabapentin and duloxetine without any effect


Sarah x

Hi Sarah, I take 2700 mg gabapentin daily but still suffer bad neuropathic pain in left side, arm & leg.I have added 4 x 50 mg tramadol todaily for a week or so at a time & it’s made little difference. Tramadol is generally not effective for neuropathic pain but we added it as thought some of my pain was musculoskeletal. Hope it helps you. Anne


not personally but i understand its addictive and has some other unpleasant side effects. its the one thing i would def refuse if prescribed. but you have to weigh up the pros and cons for YOU-we are all different.

ellie x