Tramadol not working now... any suggestions?

Hi everyone

Any advice for when Tramadol doesnt work any more. Found myself increasing it over the past couple of weeks and now Im on about 400mg per day and its not touching the horrible pains in my legs and arms.

My legs feel like Im walking in the sea fully dressed, feel heavy and like they are stuck to the ground.

My arms just really hurt! Feels bit like knitting needles are being pushed into my bones from the top down and they just ache all the time too.

Any advice would be great. I do have doctors tomorrow so I am hoping that she will give me something different, but what makes a difference to the pain for you?

P xx

Sounds like you need a neuropathic painkiller. (Tramadol doesn't tend to help with neuropathic pain.)

Amitriptyline is a widely prescribed, cheap med that most GPs aren't too scared to prescribe without neuro approval as it is used for so many conditions - maybe ask to try it?

Karen x

Thanks Karen

I already take 25mg of Amitriptyline at night (I really dont think that does anything either as been on it for nearly 2 years for Fibromyalgia), Carbamazapine (something like that) 100mg morning, propranalol 10mg every morning, 100mg tramadol.. and of course the hayfever tab and the multivitamin. Phew, thats all I think.

Shake rattle and roll! 

P xx

In that case. it sounds like you need an increase in dose. You’re on a very low dose of both amitriptyline and carbamazepine so there’s plenty of room for manoeuvre. Tramadol is ineffective for neuropathic pain and that sounds like what you have.
Check out for info. It is a reliable source.

Thanks Karen

GP said that Tramadol works less when on Carbamazepine, so thats whats happening. Its just a case of tweaking the doses. Simple.

P xx