Pain killers

Had to swap doctors recently due to moving house and my new doctor has stopped my tramadol and told me to take paracetamol instead, nothing helps the pain I’m in, I’m still Undiagnosed with my problems getting worse, can anyone give me some idea of what I can do for the pain in my legs and lower back x

Tramadol I found didn’t help my neuro has put me on gabapentin not sure if there working yet just been taking them a few weeks and upped dose to 900ml a day going to give them a month before I up them more. Paracetamol I find is only good for headaches I’m also not diagnosed yet sorry I’m not much help.

I’m on pregablin too, feel as if at the moment I’m just left to rot, if you know what I mean x

i think 90% of us might agree with you there heri,alysea’s right tramadol are no good,i’m on 75mg pregablin twice aday but at the moment i’m not even finding that any good,might have stopped the pain but hasnt stopped the buzzing all numbness

Hello Henri Why did your new doc stop the tramadol? Were they not working for you. You must go back and see the gp. You could ask to be referred to a pain clinic. xx

Hi Mick, I was also on 75mg twice a day, I was recently told that that dose wouldn’t do much. I was originally told to increase it myself to a level that worked but I didn’t like to self adminster. I forget now what you can go up to. All my meds are being reviewed. I am just waiting on a letter to be sent to my gp. I will let you know what it says when it finally comes, it is being chased up today as I have been waiting 4 weeks for it. Lou x

I was under the pain clinic, they put me on a pain management programme but tolde if I couldn’t walk I couldn’t go, so I’ve not been able to attend, doctor has wrote to them asking why I can’t go whilst in wheelchair. He stopped the tramadol as I said I was still in pain, looked saw I was on slow reliese and said they are no good. I’m on 150g of gablin twice aday, don’t think it helps thou have not really noticed any changes except I don’t have the shakes that often anymore. Not sure if I like my new doctor tbh as I gave him a list of my symptoms to help him and he put them into two groups physical and mental. Said the fatigue, the forgetfulness and something else lol I’ve forgot was in my head and that they can only help the physical things. I saw him the other day explained I’d had a test that said my bladder muscles are not working and he may as well said the test was lying, wanted to put it down to my tablets as urine retention is a rare side effect of amirtriptlyn. I’m sorry if the above does not make sense, and sorry for the rant, hope u all have a great day x

Hello Henri I’m struggling to understand why you can’t go to the pain clinic because of the wheelchair, sounds ridiculous. Did they give a reason? From what you’ve written above, I would be asking for a Neuro referral. X

hi henri,blossoms right,ask for a neuro referral and also ask for another appointment with the pain clinic,hi loulou,i am on pregablin 75mg twice aday at the moment but my doctor has a letter from the pain clinic saying…Once settled on 75mg to be upped to 150mg twice a day with the addition of Duloxetine 30mg to be taken on a night.

so i might go back to my docs saying 75mg twice a day isnt working as ive got alsorts going wrong with me at the moment,luckily no pain

I t sounds like 75mg twice a day is a starting dose. I also had duloxetine thrown in, sorry but that is exactly how it felt. I was told to manage the symptoms myself with no input from anyone. I am back to square one at the minute but more hoepful that there will be more supervision when I am put back on them… Hope you get some relief soon. Lou x