Had enough

Sorry to moan but at this precise moment in time i’m so fed up i annoy myself.

Not dx yet but mri showed multiple lesions, neck mri and vep results should be in soon

but the pain in my neck and shoulder is not even going away with 100mg tramadol and

2 paracetamol . I have seen my doctor 4 times since december and he is very good

even though before xmas he thought i’d pulled a muscle. I think he has now realised

this is not the case but is reluctant to try any other medication until i have seen the

neuro again. I am going to ring the secretary on monday as almost 7 weeks of this

pain is taking it’s toll in the form of anger and i feel i’m going to explode and i’m sure

my frame of mind is making things worse but i can’t help but be very frustrated and

angry as i already have a blood disorder and have had 3 strokes since i was 19.

Sorry to rant but i really hate being me right now.

sonia x

Hi Sonia…hang in there…easier said than done…perhaps speak to your gp again…tramadol doesnt always do the trick and really you could do with trying something else…even though you dont have a def dx i dont think you need to in order for your gp to try something else…pain is a very personal thing and everyones pain is different…Maybe ask about pregabalin? or a short course of diazapam? In any cace no harm in trying and as long as you tell your consultant what you are on I dont see the problem…Have you also tried alternating heat and cold…? Accupuncture? Or perhaps a physio could use infa red heat therapy? When my neck was first bad she used infra red heat on it and also used the accupuncture points with a laser…

good luck.

Hi It sounds like you need neuropathic painkillers like amytriptiline or Gabapentin. Normal painkillers will not work and your GP really should be giving you something to help. Make a nuisance of yourself until he/she does. Ringing the Neuro secretary is a good idea. Good Luck with getting some answers. Hope you get something for your pain soon. Teresa xx

Yep, sounds like neuropathic painkillers are what you need. GPs prescribe these all the time. They might be supposed to be advised by neuros but they are definitely allowed to do it themselves if warranted, and it sounds like it is definitely warranted in your case. As Teresa says as well, good idea to phone the neuro’s secretary. Good luck! Karen x

Thanks guy’s for your reply’s, i will be ringing on monday but how far i will get i’m not sure due to being on warfarin but don’t ask don’t get i suppose.

Thank you again

sonia x

Aw Sonia, you`ve had a lot to deal with in your young life…more than your fair share!

In the more recent years with various pains, problems and being rediculously chuffed about by numerous numpty neuros, i find I get very angry with the whole situation.

I dont cry anymoe, just seethe with temper! Id love to tell my neuros what I really think, but some of my feelings have got thru to the latest neuro, because in a letter to my GP, she wrote;

this lady is very discontented…etc. She knows alright!

Things is Son, if we do lose our rag with the NHS officilas, we are likely to get black listed…so steady does it, yeh?

luv Pollx