Neck and shoulder pain

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can help, i am off to the doctors at 10.40 but just to see if anyone has experienced anything like this. I am not dx yet but since before xmas i have had a very painful muscle above my right boob, i had a steroid injection in the back of my shoulder just before this as the pain was awful. The injection helped for about 2 weeks but now i have the pain down the right side of my neck from the bottom of my ear into the front and back of my shoulder and down to my boob which sometimes feels like its on fire. Don’t know how else to describe it but needless to say i’m getting rather upset as co-dydramol are just not touching the pain i’m in.

Thanks sonia x

Burning pain is usually neuropathic so it isn’t helped much at all by regular painkillers. See if your GP will let you try a neuropathic painkiller instead (e.g. gabapentin, pregabalin, amitriptyline).

Good luck!

Karen x

Hi and thanks for the reply, my doctor thinks a nerve in my neck is playing up and has gave me Tramadol for now as he wants the results of vep and neck mri before doing anything else. My bloods have come back with deficient in folic acid and vit d so i’m taking these now too. I’m just getting frustrated now i guess as pain seems to be a big feature of my life at the moment and has been on and off for the last few years. Sorry to ramble just fed up : (

sonia x

I know vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle pain and other symptoms - let’s hope getting your levels up helps a lot :slight_smile: