Neck pain

Hi all I hope things are not too bad at present for you. I have a small question that I wondered if perhaps Karen or anyone might answer.

In the summer the neuro said he thought I had ADEM and wants me to have another MRI which is actually on Monday next week. This is thanks to Karen who advised me to go back and see him after gp referral. I found out then that my lp was positive for  og bands.           My 1st MRI result was dramatic....whatever that means!                                                                                 I have been relatively ok apart from tingling, pins and needles and feeling like someone is squeezing/burning my arm until recently. My gp gave me amatriptlyn cant's spell it(!) for the pains and aches and this has helped me sleep but for a while now I have had a terrible ache in my neck, sometimes its like deep heat or something like that has been sprayed on me. The pain is terrible and even my kids noticed it happening as they laughed and said my face had gone really red.                                                   I am  feeling a little alarmed tonight as the pain is such that my head almost feels too heavy for my neck. I don't want to go to gp as he is lovely but I feel he is very quick to refer me back to the neuro and also because the MRI is booked for Monday anyway.  MY ama.......tablet is a low dose only 10mg. Could I just take 2 to try to ease the pain. I have tried codeine but it's not working. Thanks for reading, Chis                                              

hi chris

i sometimes double up on my 25mg dose of amitriptyline and it does me no harm although i used to be on 50mg but i do know that a 25mg dose does not interfere with my prozac but a 50mg does so i guess it depends on what else you're taking.   ive not had the pain you describe so cant comment on that but i have had the feeling that my heads too heavy for my neck.  you could just ring and ask the gp if its ok for you to double up until the pain eases off a bit?  i guess if you're head is overheating that would make you feel worse anyway?

best wishes

mandy happy2

Hi Chis.

10mg amitriptyline is a starter dose so it can definitely be increased, but best to check with your GP first, if only to make sure that when you ask for more they don't say "no, you should still have lots left"!

Good luck on Monday happy2

Karen x


Thanks Karen and Mandy, rang this morning and awaiting reply.

Barbiecar, I haven't had clicking just very painful burning feeling. I do not have a dx just a host of might be.......

It may be worse at the moment as I'm feeling a bit stressed about Monday.

Best of luck to all,


Hi all and thanks for replies dose has been doubled with gps agreement. I'm supposed to be an intelligent woman but this has knocked me for 6 and assurance here has been invaluable. Barbiecar I'm envious of your gymnastics!! Stay well!

Chis x