Pain in the neck!!!!

Hi all, a long running problem i’m having and had on and off since December time is pain in the right side of my neck. At first Doc gave me 100mg Tramadol and 1000mg paracetamol 4 times a day (no relief). In February i started getting stabbing in my head so Doc gave me Amitripiline 25mg, this stopped the head pains and helped with the neck and shoulder. Have been ok’ish up until Wednesday. Pain in my right breast which has crept up and now the pain is back in my shoulder and right of neck. Neck is also very stiff. Could this be an MS thing as i am un-dx awaiting a contrast scan but am starting to feel very down about the on/off never knowing when i’m going to be in agony and the reason behind it all. Annoyed, angry, fed up and down right [filteredword] off.

Thanks in advance sonia x

Sounds a right pain (no pun intended)

It could be MS, but tbh, it probably could be loads of things. I would guess that the best thing to do is to go and see your GP again? A change in meds or a higher dose of your current meds might do the trick?

Karen x

och ouch…hope it goes soon re neck…have neck probs too…have you had an mri of neck? could be disc related too…or as Rizzo says a number of things…either way neeeds looking into…and meds review also…i would see gp as soon as…x