Still a pain in the neck!!!

Hi I wrote on here the other day about the painful neck I was suffering from. It got so bad I ended up in casualty on Saturday morning where the doctor said my neck was in a spasm and she gave me pregablin and codeine to take and arranged an Mir scan which I am still waiting to have. I spoke to my nurse yesterday and she confirmed it is the Ms causing this but was just wondering if anyone else has suffered this ( which I know yous have!) how long did it last for before it subsided I have been like this for two weeks now and am so uncomfortable and can feel the knot under my shoulder blade :frowning:

Hi, I have pain most days from my left shoulder to my neck and also into my shoulder blade, I go to a chiro every 2 months which really helps.

I don’t know how you cope! This is the seventh time this has happened this year but never as painful as this or for as long I just wish it would go away that would be a lovely Christmas pressie if it would lol