Pain in the neck

hi I have been diagnosed now for a little over 8 months and I still can’t believe that I have ms and probably never will! I feel ill just been on this site cos it makes it all real. Anyway I am experiencing extreme pain in my neck that goes down my left side and into my arm and joints. I also have a stabbing pain under my left shoulder blade. I know I have a lesion on my spinal cord so don’t know if this is the reason for the pain I am assuming it is the Ms as this is the seventh time this has happened this year but never as painful as this time just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? And what helped?

Thank you for listening to my whine

could be Lhermitte’s sign :confused: You might need to go on meds for nerve pain, paracetamol woudn’t do much for it :confused: You probably need to talk to a neuro and explain your symptoms to them to get help and to make sure it is really MS causing the problems

Thank you faula I’ve had a little look at what that is and some of it describes me but my pain is constant! Think I need to phone my nurse

I had this very badly a few years ago - so stiff and painful especially in the morning. The pain was right down my arm and it hurt to bend my elbow, my shoulders ached all day and I couldn’t turn my head. My GP could find nothing mechanical wrong and my neuro insisted it wasn’t MS.

I found that a warm pad/wheat bag on my neck helped loads and also a new pillow that was firmer than my old one made a huge difference, in fact the pain went a way after a week or so with the new pillow

Thank you I shall invest in a new pillow and I do find heat to help but that then sets off my other symptoms as I’m not good with heat!! Maybe I’m just awkward lol