New symptoms

Hi every one

I have had several new symptoms over the past few months resulting in the call to my ms nurse who is arranging a review with my Nuro within The next couple of weeks.

She believes I have some inflammation thus symptoms.

My symptoms have been nerve pain in left hand, every time I touched something I would get electric shock through my fingers,

this lasted two weeks. Most recently when I bend my head/neck forward I get tingling/vibrating down to my knees which is still continuing, she did mention I may be given another mri. also mentioned that I may be given stronger medication than I’m currently on. I’m on the Antidepressent Nortriptyline and only just re started it as previous one didn’t work for me.

There is a name for this second symptom with my neck, but can’t remember what she called it but it’s quite common with ms.

Does any one know? And what would be used to treat it? I am not currently on any meds for my ms as haven’t had enough relapses to qualify. But maybe now things will change!

My main problem with ms is fatigue(exhaustion) which I manage with rest. I also get strange feelings around my head mainly sides, sort of tight feelings hard to explain sometimes but seem to be at their worse just before lunch time.

Thanks for any info

Ann x

Lhermitte’s sign. Here’s a breakdown frm the MS Trust’s website. I hope this helps. Anthony

Lhermitte’s sign is rarely treated as the pain is so sharp and sudden that it does not usually last long enough for pain treatments to take effect. However, there are some treatments that may help if the symptom is particularly troublesome. Talk to your MS nurse, neurologist or GP about your options.

Support collars

A soft neck brace or collar can limit how much your neck moves and minimise triggering Lhermitte’s sign.


A physiotherapist may be able to suggest ways that you can improve your overall posture to help prevent an attack. You may be taught progressive muscle relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises or stretching exercises which can take the edge off your pain.


Electrical stimulating devices, such as TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), are helpful for some people.

Drug treatments

The drug treatments for Lhermitte’s sign are the same as for other types of neuropathic pain, usually amitriptyline (Triptafen), duloxetine (Cymbalta), gabapentin (Neurontin) or pregabalin (Lyrica) in the first instance.

Thanks Anthony

Its not painful at all just more annoying than anything, so maybe they won’t need to change my current medication of Nortriptyline as this is one that is used to treat nerve pain anyway but maybe at a higher dose which I’m slowly increasing at the moment under the supervision of my gp, although he is rather too cautious I think a 10mg jump every two weeks seems a bit slow. I was previously on this drug for nearly five years but decided to come off, as it was originally prescribed for tension heads around the time of my dx of ms. I had terrible withdrawal symptoms which lasted over 5 months after I’d stopped taking it I now wonder if my new symptoms were actually being covered up when I was taking it, and now only appearing after stopping.

Ann x

Can anyone help me out… I’ve recently suffered with Ms symtoms nuro said I have no lesions. The last week I’ve had a uti and put off going to doctors. Which now I’ve been bed bound for 3 days. Now have antibiotics but if this is a relapse as I think will a mri pick up any lesions?