lhermitte's sign or not

Ok so here’s my position and question.

numbness in left foot prompted mri which showed a ‘discreet inflammation’ within the cord and prompted a full brain and spine mri three weeks later which identified no lesions and the inflammation had resolved. Good news so far. Lumbar puncture results positive for Oligoclonal bands … bad news but told still in low risk of progression from isolated incident to ms.

Now something new, a buzzing in my lower back around the lumbar curve. It’s more pronounced when I lower my chin towards my chest so I initially thought Lhermitte’s sign but there’s no pain in my neck, no pain in my spine and just this buzzing which is present throughout the day even when my head is not lowered.

any thoughts ?


It doesn’t sound like it, because Lhermittes is not present all the time, it’s the movement of the head/neck that prompts the brief, often painful electric wave that passes down your body (best way I’ve got of describing it from my experience). So keeping your head still would mean that there is no Lhermittes type sensation.

Have a look at Lhermitte's sign | MS Trust

​It’s still something you should mention to your MS nurse if you have one. Or phone your neurologists secretary and ask for it to be mentioned to the neurologist. (I’ve found a good way to do that is to get the secretary’s email address and ask her to forward an email to the neuro.) The trouble is, it still might not be something they think is sufficient for a new MRI. But it’s something to get on your records. And for all I know, the neuro will recommend another MRI.


Thanks sue

i spoke with the secretary yesterday so waiting on a call back. Great idea re the email though ! Re the mri, at my last meeting with her she was keen to leave it until more symptoms arrived (stated we treat symptoms not mri results) but I badgered her into agreeing to a 6 month full mri scan which will be in April. I’ve learned from these forums that keeping on top of the neuro is often a full Time job so I’m happy to pester them lol

Badgering of neurologists and other doctors is a speciality of mine. I often write them letters either ‘just keeping them informed’, or asking specific questions. They may take time, but neurologists always write back. GPs don’t, but they do get the admin staff to phone. It’s for more immediate action that I take the emailing of secretary’s option. Emailing my MS nurse etc is also quite handy. And I’ve even emailed photos of my stoma to the stoma nurses so they can see what my problem is! That works a treat!

It helps that I’ve got quite a long history with most of the various healthcare professionals. The last email I sent to my MS nurse was quite long and detailed about some specific personal stuff, but I was giggling to myself as I wrote it. And when she replied, you could tell she was entertained by it too.

I think it always helps to be suitably grateful for their help and as obsequious (some might call it a*se licking!) as necessary!


I always stay polite because I realise I need her to be on side ! She’s confident this is nothing more than the previous damage caused by the inflammation settling down and healing. She’s not concerned and doesn’t think it’s anything morw