Hi, new here, could this be Lhermitte's?

Hi :slight_smile:

This is my first post and I could be barking up the wrong tree completely so I’m hoping talking to you will give me some guidance as to whether I am or not.

I’ve read that Lhermitte’s sign can feel different for individuals and that it doesnt always present as pain.

I experience at times a strange sensation on my neck, pretty much right in the middle along the spine. It’s very hard for me to describe, partly because it’s over so quickly - it can’t last more than a second but it’s very definitely there.

The best way for me to describe it is it feels like a blooming, from a central point radiating outwards and then disappears. A little bit nerve-y. No pain. No buzzing, no electrical sensation. Perhaps a slight feeling of pressure?

More recently I’ve noticed that it seems to be triggered by a head movement. Couldnt tell you if its me moving my head forward or not, thats something I’m going to look out for next time it happens.

Does this sound familiar / ring any bells for anyone who definitely does get Lhermittes?

IF (a big if, I know), this does sound like it could be Lhermittes, then its not the only possible MS symptom I experience, but I’d like to feel that I’m not being nuts before I raise it with my GP.

I’m currently being investigated for chronic fatigue that is preventing me from working and there other things to rule out first. However, when I stumbled across MS symptoms, I realised there are possibly other things which may or may not be coincidences.

My balance isnt great and I tend to lose it if I turn around or step to the side too quickly. The last couple of years, Ive become very intolerant to heat although I cant say it makes me feel ill or weird symptoms crop up, just that I start profusely sweating really easily and feel horribly uncomfortable. I cant think of anything but cooling down again and from being someone who always felt the cold, Ive hardly bothered with a coat last 2 winters.

Pins and needles/stiffness - well yes, but Ive put these down to muscular skeletal issues. Although more recently they seem to occur for not much reason at all. Eg - right now, typing this on my phone, my hand and forearm is going dead with pins and needles. But theres no obvious reason for it. Stretching it out and shaking helped for a minute or two but now its building again. Probably just a compressed nerve though.

Eye symptoms - occasional flashes of light in peripheral vision when I move my eyes. Optician dx as vitreous detachment so havent given it another thought. I went through a period sometime ago when my eyes could hurt when i moved them to the side.

Cognitive issues - memory and concentration, definitely but I’ve also been unwell with depression so have assumed its that.

I’d really appreciate opinions as to whether I should keep listening to my rational brain or whether to raise with my GP for possible MS investigation.

Thank you!

When I had L’hermittes, it was like a strong electric shock from my neck through my body, when I moved my head, from looking at my notes and up to the lecturer and back. Nothing subtle about it at all!

Hi, yes it does sound like L’Mittes…I get it but it doesnt hurt.

When I tip my head forward, it stretches my spine and tingles all the way down. I quite like the awakening feeling!

Your other symptoms also sound neurological too. Best try to get a referral to a neuro.


I did have something similar many years ago…

It was a weird just warming senstion through my body then i had problems walking for around 10 mins then i was fine again until the next one.

These were similar to some symptoms i had when i was diagnosed which were very sharp head stabbig pains in my head and again i struggled with walking and talking and fine motor skills for usually around 10 mins then i was fine again. I was in hospital for these symptoms and nobody mentioned l’hermittes to me, just a relapse, but i was given my RRMS diagnosis just 3 months after my first relapse.


Thank you all for your replies.

I mentioned balance and the weird neck sensations to my GP yesterday and they’ve booked me in next week for a neuro assessment with them.

Neither of us have mentioned any possible conditions but I suppose this means they want to check for any further indicators of MS so I expect I’ll talk more freely then.

Funnily enough, now I’m actively paying attention for the neck sensations, I’ve had it a few times this week with tingling alongside my cspine and down into my arm.

Of course, it could still be MSK related and completely benign but I’m glad they seem to be taking it seriously and grateful that I can reach out to people here to talk.