Possible Lhermittes

Hello Friends,

I have spent hours upon hours reading the forums over the last few weeks looking for some answers.

I have an MRI of the C and T spine in a months time, my doctor says he ordered it because I am worried.

About three weeks ago I developed a burning pain on both sides of the spine between the shoulder blades on the T spine. The muscles on either side of the spine also went into spasm. I am not sure what happened thought it was due to poor posture but found it really hard to sit comfortably. In trying to get comfortable I realized that when I bring my chin to my chest and flex my upper back I would get a buzzing electrical sensation in my lower back on the right side. I’m petrified that this could be Lhermittes. It is intermittent. Comes and goes and somedays I don’t have anything. It’s been three weeks now and my back had gotten much better but the sensation is still there subtly. I find myself testing through out the day to see if its there. Sometimes I get the feeling by simply rounding my spine without dropping the chin to the chest.

This is the only symptom I have. I am scrutinizing every little sensation in the body. My doctor said it will take 6 months to see a Neurologist.

Does this sound like Lhermittes? Is Lhermittes always a sign of MS.

For those of you who had Lhermittes as a first symptom, how long did it take before other symptoms began to show.

I’m so confusing at the moment.

Thank you for reading.


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Hi @Kaly108, I too am still awaiting my neurology appointment and this was something that I wanted to discuss. I buzz from head to toe but as you mention there are some movements such as tilting your head forward that can intensify that sensation. For me, not all of the time, if I tilt my head forward and back I can get what feels like I have been plugged into electricity (well not literally but you get the idea). Is this Lhermitte’s sign :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t know. I too will be interested to see what others say about this. Trapped nerves in the neck can also cause similar sensations so this is why to know for sure a neurologist needs to carry out a neurological examination. Have you been referred yet. I was referred as urgent in March and had a letter to say no available appointments we will be in touch.

Hi Rogue,

I am in Canada. My referral to neuro has been sent but my gp said 6 months to a year :frowning: I sure hope not.

I’m so mentally exhausted worrying about this.

Thanks for your reply