Tingling down neck

Hi all!

I’m not yet diagnosed but I wanted to ask about whether any of you who experience the burning/tingling/tickling down your spine have it all the time or just sometimes? My doctor asked me about whether I get this sensation and I definitely do have it, but some days I get them every time I bend my head down and then I’ll go for days when I don’t feel it at all. Is this something you’ve experienced?

many thanks in advance for any info xx

Hi roseyposy,

I am not diagnosed either, however I experience tingling / pins and needles around the back of my neck. It just comes and goes there does not seem to be any pattern to it for me.

kind regards

Thanks Toby, that’s interesting. Have you had your appt with neurologist or had an mri yet? I’m yet to see the neurologist . My appt is in June


I’m not diagnosed but l don’t have the same symptoms mine is my balance, pain, double vision plus a few other things. I have had a MRI they found white matter changes, one which was like demyelinating disease,

I have already seen my neurologist in October he wanted me to have blood tests, MRI and a lumber puncture, which I have had in January. So now I am waiting for the second MRI but I do have my appointment with the neurologist in April.

It’s taken over a year to get to this place, it’s not a quick thing.


Oh my word! You poor thing! That’s a long time for you to wait! Sending big hugs to you! xx

Hi roseyposey, still awaiting my initial appointment with neurologist.

Hello Roseyposy

I think you asked this question on the Everyday Living board as well as here and were given the name Lhermitte’s sign by George the other day. As well as the link he gave you, try looking at what the MS Trust says:


Oh thanks! I haven’t seen that as I didn’t think my post was put up on the otherpage! I’ll go and look!