Is It Ms?

So I first had a sign of lhermittes beginning of the year at first it was radiating from my neck to the bottom of my body and was very intense sensation shocking down my neck and back when i bent my head down. I had this for a month and was getting weaker and weaker until it disappeared. I went to the doctors who sent me for a blood test I’ve already been tested for vitamin b12 which came back fine.

I have also been sent for an X-ray which came back normal and have never injured my neck in anyway. After a month it disappeared… so I didn’t think anything of it. Until lhermittes came back a couple of months ago. Whilst I had this I have been really lethargic and a few pins and needles in my hands.

Again after a month it grew fainter and disapeared. Also i feel normal again now the symptom has gone. I’ve been to the doctors who are sending me to neurology on the 28th of October.

So it’s a waiting game… but something definitely isn’t right…

hi amy

we all have a different path to diagnosis and at least you may be on your way.

i really hope that your symptoms are caused by one of the many other things that could be diagnosed instead of ms.

if you DO get diagnosed with ms, it isn’t the end of the world - honestly!

so try to compile a diary of your symptoms so far, then leave it and wait for the appointment.

don’t give stress any head room (it is bad!).

carole x

hi carole,

ive had my mri and seen a neurologist today who has confirmed its ms. 5 lesions on the brain and 2 on the spine. ive got to have a blood test and a lumber puncture. Currently im not getting any symptoms though so all good.

Thanks for your response

Amy x