possible ms

Hi everyone, I’m new here. Hoping to get some advice.

About 4 years ago my little finger on my left hand started going numb, by the end of the week my whole hand was numb, so my dad got me an appointment with his dr. I spoke to the dr about what was going on and he said that I needed to see a neurologist. So i was referred to The JR hospital for an MRI on my head and neck. The result came through and I had inflammation in my spinal cord. The Dr did sensory tests and they were fine. So she discharged me.

But a few months ago both my feet felt like they were going numb, so I went to the Dr’s and spoke to him about it, also said that I was constantly tired even though I’d had a really goods night sleep. He referred me to a neurologist in Sheffield. Things have got worse since i went to see him.

Back in July I saw my Dr at the beginning of the month and within 3 weeks I had written a full A4 page of symptoms that I was getting and also said that the feeling in my feet was getting worse. And he said "what’s going on? I said it felt like my feet were vibrating and that I get the feeling when i put my chin to my chest. He said “you definitely need to see a neurologist I will chase it up” I got an appointment for the 30th August. Luckily the hospital moved it forward to a couple of weeks ago.

I saw the consultant and told him everything. He did all the sensory tests and looked in to my eyes. He referred me to have an MRI with contrast on my head, cervical spine and thoracic spine and lumbar puncture. He also spoke to another Dr about putting me on steroids and other Dr said “no lets get the results back in 6 weeks and go from there”.

I’ve got the vibration feeling all the time it never goes away. Sometimes when I’m walking my legs feel really funny and I have to stop walking. I get to a point during the day that I have to go back to bed as I’m so tired even though i’ve had a decent nights sleep. I’ve read about the vibration feeling being Lhermitte’s sign or babers chair syndrome being one of the main symptoms of MS is that right. I also have some of the other symptoms as well as Lhermittes. Ranging from pain, bowel problems, depression and muscle spasms.

Sorry this is so long. I’ve been looking for an MS forum for a few days.

Hello Donna

Hmmm. I don’t want to prejudge this, but my MS began with a numb finger. Then after tests, I was discharged with the result being, ‘you don’t have MS’ (lying gits, they weren’t sure, but all the signs were there!) I was diagnosed 5 years later.

It does sound possible that it’s MS, but obviously just because my MS started in a similar way to your symptoms, and you have many signs that could indicate it, doesn’t mean a thing. We are all very different and there are other disorders which share symptoms with MS. Also, sometimes what you think is Lhermitte’s or the Babinski reflex (I assume this is what you meant - and when you don’t know the terms, sometimes you get them a bit wrong) aren’t exactly.

I do hope the tests go well and that the next 6 weeks pass by quickly for you. Don’t prejudge the results too much, and try if you can, to stay away from Dr Google.

I’m glad you have found your way here, you are very welcome, feel free to ask questions when they occur to you, or just need some moral support.


hi donna

sorry that you are having to go through all these tests and then all the waiting for results.

waiting is all you can do, you will have to wait for the results of the MRI.

you can go to the bowel and bladder clinic without a referral.

just google your nearest bowel and bladder clinic, give them a ring and make an appointment.

or you can ask your gp to refer you.

also you can ask your gp for a neuropathic painkiller such as gabapentin, amitriptyline and the like.

just want to say that you will realise that you are much stronger than you ever thought.

the tiredness is ms fatigue.

it’s just your poor body feeling worn out by all the signals from your brain to various parts of your body not getting through.

having to concentrate hard on walking for example.

so be kind to this body, sleep as much as needed, then have a rest.

eat well, find something to entertain you and try to smile at least once an hour.

please don’t let depression get a grip on you. talk to your gp.

carole x

no its called barber chair phenomenon. It’s like an electric shock going down the body.

My MRI scan is the 22nd and I get my results a week later. It’s just waiting for the lumbar puncture date feel like it’s taking forever. If the fatigue is MS does that mean I’ve got it?.

i don’t know if you have got ms.

however fatigue is a very common symptom of many neurological diseases.

the MRI gives a lot of information so your neuro may have some idea.

less than a month to go now.

Hope so. I’m getting really fed up with the vibrating I’ve got all over my body. It never stops.

Apologies Donna, I’d not heard Lhermites called that before. I wonder why it’s called that!!


I think it’s because when you have your hair cut you put your chin to chest so they can cut the back. With L’hermitte and bcs when you put your chin to your chest that’s when you get the electric shock that goes from your neck to everywhere in your body.

it helps to understand that our nerves are electrical.

so the vibrating is like the hum of an engine.

my son had just completed an apprenticeship as an electrician and i showed him the booklet on rrms which had diagrams showing the damaged myelin.

he nodded wisely and said, all that insulation needs replacing or there’ll be a short circuit.

definitely a short fuse!

it helped me to have a good explanation.

I take it you have had blood tests, and they have checked your B12 as this is classic for low B12 which is classic with an auto immune disease and may just be part of what is going on.

I vibrate a lot in my legs well from waist down and i dont mean the ann summer type ha ha. It drives me nuts. Its vibrate, tingle, fizz, all day 247. I have PPMS took only 10 years to get diagnosed lol.

I hope its not MS, maybe it will be something else, inflammation of the spine, it could belong to other things, even the electric shock which i have never had.

good luck hun, if your deteriorating as i saw in another post you should ring your GP and get him out, and you may need to have a course of steroids. xxx

Yeah I’ve had blood test done a few weeks ago at my Drs surgery. As I discovered a bald patch on the back of my head. They took about 7 tubes of blood when I saw the consultant a few weeks ago.

Hi Donna

here’s my situation. In aug 17 I had reduced sensation in my left foot which caused me to go to gp. He was stumped (no pun intended) and said to get back to him if it changed… which it did … so I did. A week after the initial thing it spread up my leg. GP was fab and referred me for a lumbar mri. This identified a single area of inflammation in my lower spine and I was referred for full brain and spine, which thankfully came back clear. I was diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome (CIS). I then developed mild lehrmittes which persisted for several months and was quite alarming. Another mri showed a small lesion in my upper spine but the specialist believes the 2 occurred at the same tim and the higher one was missed because it was so discreet.

Anyway, I went from almost certain ms diagnosis (consultant neurologist) to “it’s probably quite unlikely to be ms” when I saw the specialist neurologist. My point is that there are many many things can cause these symptoms and not always as simple as ms or not ms.

My symptoms all settled but I do occasionally get buzzing in my leg and foot. Hope all goes well for you but don’t do what I done and persuade yourself of the answer in advance !

did the doctors call you about the results usually if there is anything on them they ring for appointment. How are you feeling today?

Hi ya. Not had phone call about blood test results. The nurse who took them said I’ll get them the same day as my mri and lumbar puncture. Which is 2nd October. Still very tired and getting really fed up with my whole body vibrating/tingling constantly. I don’t get a break from it at all.