neck pain

Hi gang can anyone tell me if they get pain in the neck and shoulder l wonder if it my ms or the way l am walking with my sticks its now painful to turn my head from side to side l will tell the nurse next time l see her.

I hope you are all keeping warm and you do not have the snow that they say is coming.

Regards Jan xx

Hi Jan, I think it could be ‘secondary pain’ from walking with sticks. Hard to know but I know Nina gets pain in shoulders and arms from walking with sticks.

Are you able to use walker indoors? (my flat is far too small… but on other hand it makes it easy for leaning on furniture and walls as I walk).

We had a flurry of snow here in London this morning. Didn’t settle and it’s sunny out now.

Hope you’re having a nice day,

Pat xx

I get a lot of back pain due, I think, to the way I walk making my posture very bad. If I have been out and walking with my rollator I always suffer for it afterwards. Believe me I don’t walk far or for long so it doesn’t take much to strain the muscles.

I used to get a lot of neck and shoulder pain years ago. Before MS made a significant difference to my life. The Osteopath my GP sent me to put it down to the way I slept. At the time I was sleeping on my front, she said to be able to breathe easily when sleeping this way we have our head turned to the side and angled upwards causing neck and shoulder problems. I must say as soon as I started sleeping mainly on my back sometimes on my side using one pillow I noticed a difference immediately.

Hope you get some good advice soon, MS is bad enough without the added problems it brings us.

Jan x

Hi Jan,

Pat, is right! I do get problems with my arms and shoulders form leaning too heavily on my stick…it took me a while to work out what was causing it! I now find the only way to relieve it is to manage without them. I use my chair ( it’s manual ) but if I do that for too long it causes pain in my lower arms! Mostly I manage between sticks, chair and lurching from walls to furniture…not terribly elegant but it solves the problem as long as I don’t do either for too long!! I do find though that without my sticks I end up covered in bruises from lurching into anything and everything!

Having said all that I do think it’s worth checking out with your nurse or GP, just in case it’s something that can be more easily solved.

Nina x

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Hi Jan, i get neck pain it weird its a sudden shooting pain feels like a cricked neck feeling but can happen in spasms and then goes away on. But i’m undiagnosed so still waiting have been told Functional neurological disorder, which apparently is an umberella term for …we don’t know what you’ve got yet.

Michelle x

Hi Jan,

I had neck pain a few years ago and ended up getting physio for it. Dr/ physio put it down to heavy lifting at work but I am not so sure. It went as suddenly as it came and never had it again.

When I was at the physio last week I told her my arm was getting weaker and she thought my neck was stiff as well so now I have an exercise for that as well.

Mags xx

Hello Jan.

My neck pain can come and go but I think it’s all to do with bad posture and finding it hard to sit upright. It often comes when I’m sitting still in the wheelchair and it’s stationary. This means using wheelchair seats at concerts can be a bit painful. Not the best for a music fanatic.

I’ve not ventured out today. The weather is awful but our home is happy. There’s a home made biriyani on the go tonight.

Best wishes. Steve

Just my slant on things: I walk with two hiking poles outdoors, which gives me no problems, but I tried using one weight-bearing stick for a time and started to get pain. From the little I know, it seems that a stick must be set at exactly the right height (a physiotherapist would advise on this), even if it feels okay initially, otherwise pain is the result. Apart from that, there might be exercises that could help and, again, a physiotherapist can help with that. I had lower back pain, especially when sitting in car seats, which was cured in a week from doing some Pilates, as advised by my physiotherapist.

I hope you feel better soon!

Hi Pat my house is to small for the walker to use in doors so l furniture surf

l do try to sit upright to see if that the problem will see how l go

regards Jan xx

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Thanks for your replys makes me feel better knowing l am not the only one that has it. l did get two new pillows that has not helped maybe it my age big birthday at end of month take care all regards Jan xx

The Osteopath I saw told me one pillow only, using two can cause neck problems…unless of course the two were for you and your other half

Jan x

Jan I get neck pain and I am in the wheelchair most of the time. I do try and do some exercise to Greek it off but it’s soon back.


Hi Jan, I also suffer neck & shoulder pain its worst if I’ve sat up without head support during the day, my physiotherapist has said we will work on some exercises to ease the pain once my posture has improved which she says is triggered by my drop foot and my body needing to be taught again how to be! For want of a better word.

Pauline x

oopps my last reply should read WORK it off not greek it off how does my kindle even think it is acceptable ???

I wondered about “Greek it off” - thought it must be a slang expression! The wonders of spellcheck!

Hi Michelle, I only just saw this post.

I think you might have something called L’Hermitte’s Syndrome… sometimes called Barber Shop Syndrome because people would often first notice it at the barbers when they put their head forward. It’s a sharp electric shock sensation when you lower your head (as if having back of neck shaved).

It’s common in MS although it does happen with other conditions as well.

If that sounds like what you get, you should definitely tell the neurologist as might help to get you a diagnosis.

Pat xx