Hi , just wondered if anyone with ms gets bad back pain fro neck down ? it just gradually has come on the last day or 2 and i cant think that i have done anything at all to hurt it. im so stiff and sore and my husband and wee boy are having to help me up from the chair and bed!! i also have a sharp horribble pain in my foot and big toe, strange as not had before. is pain like this an ms thing? i always have had balance, bladder and fatigue problems, with leg spasms ans stiffness at times, but not this


Hi Mo,

Sorry to hear that you’re feeling so grim

MS can pretty much affect any part of the body but that doesn’t mean that everything we feel is necessarily related to MS either, if you see what I mean?!

What sort of pain is it? I get terrible ‘stiffness & soreness’ and that horrible feeling like I’m trying to wade through wet concrete but this is mostly confined to my legs & feet. I also have stabbing, burning, shooting pains and jerks too but I get those anywhere not just my legs.

Have you an ms nurse?

If so, then give her a call or make an appt to see your your GP - just to be on the safe side.

I hope you start to feel better soon

Am sending (((((((hugs))))))))))) your way

Debbie xx

One of the things I remember reading when I was first diagnosed was that the leading cause of early death of MSers was them assuming that something was their MS when it wasn’t. Bit of a striking message! So, my rule is to check out anything new with a medic even when I’m pretty certain that it’s my MS.

If your pain & stiffness are neurological then there are meds that can help (e.g. amitriptyline, gabapentin, pregabalin for pain).

So off to the GP’s is also my advice - to get it checked out, and to ask for help.

Good luck!

Karen x


I have had very bad back pain from time to time. Mine’s not neurological, but I do think MS is the major contributor, because of my impaired gait and posture.

However, I get the pain in quite a specific place. Low down, like “normal” people. So far, I’ve never had it all the way down, like you describe. Although I do feel a bit achy and decrepit generally.

I do get pain in my feet and toes, too. This is more of a cramp-like pain, and I’m sure related to MS spasticity. Occasionally, a single toe gets so painful, it’s very hard to bear weight on the foot.

Thankfully, this is usually only a temporary thing (minutes), so probably a type of spasm.


Thankyou so much ladies, i will defo take on board all the advice,

Im actually a wee bit better today , but think i will go see gp next week anyhoo!!

Thanks again and take care all

Mo x

I have had multiple (no pun intended) symptoms of MS for almost two years. I have been seen by too many Md’s to count. Still no firm diagnosis, therefore no meds. Now I am experiencing severe stiffness and pain in my neck and upper back, especially while trying to sleep at night. Is there something I can do to alleviate this terrible pain until I get a diagnosis? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.