neck pain

Hi All how you all doing nice to see the sun out. Not to hot yet shopping to do.

Do any of you have neck, shoulder pain it feels a bit like wiplash, l have tried a new pillow no good just wondered if its my ms or my age l just know that its painful and l find it hard to turn to the left. I am walking with my two walking sticks maybe that the ms nurse did not help when l told her. Well l will get off to do the shopping or try too hubby pushing me while l tell him wish way to go take care all regards Jan xx

Hi Jan, could be ‘secondary pain’ from walking with two sticks.

I find using a walker I am in much better position… oh can’t think of the bloody word… when you are standing better… upright???

I think using two sticks probably puts a lot of strain on shoulders and neck.

Hope you have a nice time shopping,

Pat xx

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Had to google ‘standing upright’ to find the word. Drives me nuts!!!

Pat xx

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Jan I get a lot of secondary pain from using one stick and it gets much worse if I use two. I have tried a walker and for pain and posture they are much better…however I tend not to use mine as I regularly get my feet tangled up in it and have ended up a couple of times with me on the floor and it on top of me! I am told that I put far far too much weight on my stick…could you be doing that?

I try to rest my arms and not use my stick, sometimes if I’m strong enough I can use the furniture and walls etc, I do rather tend to lurch from one item to the next. My problem with walking is that my legs don’t feel strong enough to hold me up, hence putting to much weight on my stick so unfortunately it does mean even more time sitting if my arms are painful. An electric chair would be the answer but my house is not really suitable. I do have a manual one but of course to self propel is more painful that using a stick! Frying pan and fire!!

I do hope you find out what’s causing it but it may be worth getting someone such as a physio to check if you are using your sticks correctly.

Take care,

Nina x

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Hi Pat,

Oh, don’t you just hate it when you lose a word!

Ive just tried to have a serious/sensible /coherent and grown up conversation with two medical people who came to see my husband.

Well, I tried but sadly didn’t suceed!

Typically the more important it is to you to appear normal the worse it gets … I can’t tell you how many words I lost and how many times I totally lost my train of thought mid sentence. Felt a total idiot but hey ho!!

Nina x

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I’m forever losing words, it drives me bonkers!

I’ve realised over time that muscle burn is perhaps a ‘symptom’ that I overlooked as I assumed that I was VERY tense but oh boy, I now know that particular feeling of burning is not going to be helped with a massage! I was a bit confused sometimes why they felt so bad

Pat, you are so right about posture - my physio was trying to get me to move my hips to one side. At the time I thought she was a bit confused but I have seen myself walking in the mirror and I’ve realised what a ‘disturbed gait’ is all about - I do overything on my left leg. I stand/balance and walk on it but that is where my weight stays.

When I was instructing at the gym a lot of ‘standing feet hip width apart’ covered a multitude of sins. It was probably only in the last month of teaching that I had to verbally instruct a warm up whilst doing squats… as I’d have tripped if I tried the required steps!

Sonia x

My husband has a shockingly bad memory and with my 10 minute delay, we are never going to win a quiz now…

We still watch Pointless every day, we are having a really good day if we get a pointless answer

Sonia x

Sonia, talking about ‘disturbed gait’… at the end of corridor my flat is on there is a rubbish chute room (is that the right spelling?)… anyway the door has glass panels so when I take my rubbish I can see my own reflection.

My right foot is now completely turned out! I have tried to walk with it turned straight ahead, as it should be, but it’s more difficult to walk than usual.

I seem to be putting all my weight on my right leg but it doesn’t want to take my weight if I try to walk with it straight.

Weird this MS eh?

Glad I’m not the only one who can’t think of a word, can’t spell, loses the thread part way through a conversation… or even part way through a sentence!

Recently I opened a door to a friend and say ‘Bye Bye’!!! Luckily we had a good laugh about it.

Pat xx

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Pat, I’ve done that too, talking to a couple of people and saying single word (which seemed ok at the time) to one person then turning to another to talk… then turning back to person A and saying cringe “oh and what I meant by ***** was…”

it’s sort of leaving reminders for me I can also completely forget what I was saying mid-sentence It’s soooo embarrassing

Sonia xx

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I’m so glad it’s not only me saying the wrong things! I’ve often said “goodnight” to my daughter when she leaves for college in the morning, fortunately she understands. But I cringe when I think of how I’ve jumbled things up while talking to other people. They probably think I’m not just physically handicapped but mentally deranged.

My concentration is so poor I can’t count the change in my purse even if I try to put it in piles of certain amounts. I lose words but also chunks of memory… I saw a doctor and made him look up all my medical records as I couldn’t remember what was wrong with me I.e my dx, what drugs I took or what I was allergic to. I didn’t know how old I was, I knew my date of birth but couldn’t calculate how old it made me.

My daughter has since put everything into my phone now as she thinks I’m a potential danger to myself. How embarrassing is that for an ex nurse??? Please tell me I haven’t lost the plot, it’s not always that bad, sometimes I’m okay.

Cath x

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Hi Jan,

Iv’e had very bad pain in my right arm from shoulder down to hand almost feels useless really aches to move and struggling to stretch or use it, right leg doesn’t feel good either, weakness is usually my problem rather than pain, the pain has a burning feeling with it…weird isn’t it

However we’ve had some lovely sunny days in Frodsham and last weekend did a lovely 3 mile walk (roll) along the canal with Lee and Frazer Its amazing where I can get with the chair!!! it was very narrow and quite rough ground.

Michelle x

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Hi Michelle l do think its the walking sticks making the pain in my shoulder painful its my right side that is the weaker leg that will not lift up over door steps l fell head first out of the back door trying to take wash basket out one step at a time lucky l fell on that right hand will not grip well thats hard going beening right handed.

Lovely sunny had a wheel along the Humber saw a few ships,

Regards to all Jan xx

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Sorry Cath, think you wrote this ages ago… but just want to reassure you that you have not lost the plot… well unless I have too!

Counting money? OMG I get into such a pickle. I count it over and over again and get more confused every time.

I was playing with my grandson once and I suddenly couldn’t remember his name!!! Panic stations!!!

I’ve had it for ages, before I even knew I was ill. I used to work with a lot of spreadsheets and databases at work. Was known to be good at creating them etc. But over a period of time I noticed that I didn’t always know what I was doing. Got into such a state of confusion! Few times ended up in the toilets crying as I really thought I was losing my mind (and with a numb calf on my leg and pins and needles all the time in one hand, the penny still didn’t drop!!!).

Normal for MS! And yes, mine is ok sometimes. It seems that once it starts it goes into spiral mode and unless you stop yourself you get sucked into the vortex!!!

Pat xx

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Hi Jan,

i get really bad muscular neck and shoulder pain, usually on days when my fatigue it at its worse especially when I’ve been walking with my stick lots. I have been having aromatherapy massages weekly at my local MS Therapy centre and it works wonders on it. Definitely worth trying

Snowqueen x


Jan I suffer with a frozen shoulder, it makes getting dressed painful and lots of times throughout the day it hurts.I don’t walk anymore, I am in an electric wheelchair all day .

Pat our vicar came to visit us earlier and both he and I were forgetting words, I think it is the national forget things day. XXX Don.