MS and severe neck pain

Dear All. I am diagnosed but still new to it and trying to work out what is and is not MS and, I am sorry in advance, if my issues seem insignificant. However,

Amongst many other symptoms, I had severe tooth ache for three days and then it went? And currently, I cannot move my head. I have severe neck pain but have not done anything that might cause it? Do other people have this type of pain?

Thank you


Hi, i get neck pain from time to time, with me it is the muscles that tighter up with ms but i have also artritis so have to be careful what i do, perhaps you need to get a xray to check if you have a problem, it is easy to think everything is due to ms.

i often wake up with a stiff neck.

usually standing in a hot shower does the trick but heat does the ms no good.

choices and decisions to be made so early in the day!

Thank you for your reply.

My neck pain lasted three days and this morning it has radiated down my arms, so much so that I was unable to move my right arm and had no strength in my hand. After about an hour, it eased and with pain I could move my arm. My other symptoms ebb and flow but are definitely worse at the moment. Do you know if this means I am relapsing?

I am by no way an expert, but if I was having your issue I would be talking to my ms nurse & thinking steroids !!

Sadly I am being treated out of county and I don’t have an ms nurse. But I will phone the neurologist’s secretary tomorrow. Thank you x

hope you manage to make contact. Really hope that if this is a relaps you fully recover. Hugs

I have re-occuring neck pain and also had some tooth pain at one point. When mine is playing up, I find it useful to sit watching tele or reading with a cheap neck support on. It also keeps my stature good and prevents slouching from the pain. I have found it useful to drive with if I have a long journey, About once a month I find I have to wear it, relax, try to stretch a bit although sometimes it hurts too much, then when I take it off it feels a bit better. I checked with my MS nurse first. I also on really bad days, wear a light back brace along with the neck support, it is almost like a cushion of help in the short term. I think it helps the weakness in my spine and neck.