finding it hard severe pain in arms

Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as can be. Recently I have been experiencing horrible pain in my arms and right across my shoulders. It hurts to turn onto my side (either one) when I’m in bed and too often it’s excruciating when I’m trying to get dressed. I just stood and cried in the shower this morning because I didn’t know what to do with myself it hurt so much just trying to get my hair washed. (I think I may be whinging so please forgive me) Is this just me? Does anyone else experience similar or is there something else going on. I have had it now for two months and have just thought it’s an MS thing which may stay or go. Had results of recent MRI which I was told showed changes but haven’t been given the details am now waiting for an appointment with a neuro. Tra la la … Be good to hear if anyone experiences something similar. Thanks in advance T x

Ive not experienced pain in the same place as you however why dont you ring your ms nurse and tell him/her as youve just explained. Nobody should be in that much pain left alone to cope. Dont wonder you feel so upset, in despair. Are you on any meds at the mo for nerve pain? Hope your neuro does give you answers and proper meds, in the meantime get the ms nurse to rush things up for you. Take care, bren xx

HI, i have had similar to what you mention,only mine was from my feet to my neck, mine was like a sciatic nerve pain, and nothing touched the pain, i tried all sorts of painkillers but they didnt touch the pain, because it was a nerve type pain, i had to move about all the time just to find a comfy position,it went off after about 3 months , sorry i cant give you any advice on what to do, because i couldnt find any answers either. :? jaki xx

Thank you to everyone who has replied. I was beginning to think it was just me, I am seeing my MS nurse (she’s wonderful and I know will guide me) this week and hopefully the neuro some time this month! The nights are long though and it really gets to me at times. The greater picture remains that I am much better off than many so will try to focus on the good things Love and sunshine to you all Trudie x

Hi, I’m new to this, had my diagnosis last month and still trying to come to terms with it. I have been in terrible pain for a few days now - starting at my neck, going down to my right shoulder and in to my right arm. I am finding it so difficult to get comfortable. The pain feels really tight and sometimes it feels like it’s burning inside. Pain killers and a hot water bottle are making it slightly easier, I think… Was wondering if anyone could tell me what the signs are that pain is related to MS? How can I be sure that this is becasue of MS and not anything else? Thank you Naomi