Pain in the neck

Hi. Hope you are all doing ok. I have had sore neck for past 3 weeks. Comes and goes. Started on right side then moved to left side. Goes down shoulder and back. Its like if I have frozen shoulder. Its also been giving me a headache. I am also getting lots pains in back. Round about where my kidneys are. And now pain today is going from neck down shoulder down arm right to finger tips. My hand feels very tingly. Like pins and needles. Is anyone else experiencing these symptoms. I don’t want to go to GP or contact ms nurse. As I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac. I am constantly getting random pains everywhere in body. I put everything down to ms. Just wanted to know if any one else is experiencing this. Thanks. Violet xx

hi violet

glad it’s not a hubby being a pain in the neck.

you really should see your gp or contact your ms nurse, or both.

you’re suffering from a chronic condition so nobody should think you are a hypochondriac.

you may need testing for a urine infection with you having pains around kidney area.

if you have an infection this could be a relapse.

please see somebody soon.

carole x

Thanks Carole. Have emailed my ms nurse. Ill see what she says. Xx