(filtered word) off now!

Hi all hope you are as well as you can be!

I am totally fed up atm, still un dx and neuro informed me he is taking my results with him this Friday to discuss at the QE in b’ham at a specialist meeting as he couldn’t make it for the last 2 Fridays. ATM i am in agony with my neck again. 5 weeks ago i woke up with a very stiff neck and the most painful was lifting my head off the pillow. It lasted a week and the Doc thought i’d cricked it somehow. Well here i am again in agony.

It eases after about 3hrs but still pulls when i try to look left or right, it sends pains into the back of my head. Does anyone get this in MS or could this be something else ie: Fibromayalgia type symptoms? Previous probs are left of face numb 6 wks+, trig? myalgia pains into right of head, shooting pains in legs, numb right foot on and off and nerve pain in right shoulder on and off for weeks at a time. Sorry to rant but i’ve just gone back to work after 3 months off and i don’t know how i can cope with this pain and work efficiently, nor take the pain meds and work efficiently.

Totally p’d off Sonia x

Hi Sonia, no wonder you are fed up…and the filtered word may not have helped.

You really don`t sound fit for work with so much pain and stuff going on.

can`t you get more sick leave or would that mean hardship money wise?

Are you not on any pain killers?

Poor you.

sending a hug


luv Pollx

Hi Poll and thanks, i have didracodeine excuse spelling, diazepam and amitripiline for last resort but i really can’t function if i take these enough to stop the pain. Work wise i really want to be back and although only breaking in slowly i think if my pain doesn’t go away very soon i won’t be able to get there safely let alone do the work. Being in my neck i’m finding it affects everything i do and am getting increasingly anxious as i’m generally a very independant person and i feel useless at the moment.

Sonia x

Hi Sonia,

Because I have so many ‘complaints’ after MRI’s and many tests my neuro had to take my notes etc with her to a meeting with other experts who came up with the dx of MS. This all took so much time and like you was in a lot of pain, unfortunately we just have to be patient until ‘the powers to be’ decide on our fate.

I sympathise with you and your pain and hope very, very soon you will haver a definate dx.

Have as much rest as you can and take care.



Hi Sonia,

I can sympathise with what you are saying about your neck. I’ve had this for years and go through episodes of being in agony. I’ve also had times when my neck has been so weak I couldn’t hold my head up.

Baclofen has helped somewhat with my neck but it’s always there. I’ve had optic neuritis and spastic paresis and need to use a wheelchair outdoors. I now don’t have a definite diagnosis after fourteen years.

Good luck with your diagnosis. I’ve actually given up complaining about my neck pain as they never took it seriously.



Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply, thanks for sharing the reason Janet. Frustration about waiting is the one thing alot of you seem to have to put up with too. On top of pain no wonder we seem to need a rant. Mood is improved today so i guess ranting works lol.

Thanks again Sonia x