2 months to go and pain killers doing nothing :s

Good news is i only have two months until i finally see my neurologist the bad news is i have now got constant pins and needles in the left side of my face and black dots on my vision, also the tramadol doesn’t appear to be doing anything for the pain? has anyone else tried this drug? Does it take a long time to see results? I’m really suffering with pain and getting no where with any drugs it seems :frowning: thank you as always for you time and advice Char x <3

Hi, speaking from personally experience ( I have trigeminal neuralgia) nerve pain doesn’t respond well to pain killers, I take amitryptaline ( a anti depressant which works well on nerve pain) which helps, hope this is usefull x

hi char,i’m no expert and undiagnosed myself…painkillers do nothing for me,tramadol and other painkillers like that are rubbish,like mrs ricco says,you need amitryptaline and pregablin…i had really bad symptoms like yourself but as soon as doctor changed my medication from tramadol to amitryptaline and pregablin my symptoms started getting under control

Why do anti depressants work well on nerve pain?, i thought that they were to keep emotions under control? I have very little experience with them, just getting used to all the drug names and what they do. x

Hi, I am currently taking Pregabalin and after a week or so am starting to feel a little better. Tingles have reduced and hip and back aches are better. I think the reason antidepressants help is because they calm/dampen down incorrect brain activity. This will then help correct any signals going haywire and causing strange sensations in the body. As stress can also cause some of these symptoms or increase them, antidepressants will help that too. Pregabalin is not an antidepressant but used to treat epilepsy and neuropathic pain, so again these can help. Painkillers did not work for me either, so it’s worth going to doc and asking for something to treat neuropathic pain. I’m undiagnosed and not been given an MRI, but have still been prescribed these to help. Good Luck x

I took tramadol helped with burning pain thats all, useless if you ask me lol.

I have terrible back and leg pains and headaches alot my mri is this week neuro has started me on Gabapentin, not took any yet don’t know much about it only on 100mg doc gonna up dose if i need it i guess i will anyone know much about this drug and side effects?

I don’t know much, but Gabapentin (300mg) didn’t help me and it made me feel spaced out and a bit sad. Doctors always try it first as it’s cheaper than Pregabalin. It may help you, seems to for some people, but if not push for Pregabalin maybe? PG x

Thanks i will try it i asked for paracetamol for the headaches but he told me to try this first i will and hopefully see neuro and he will give stronger ones thank you x

Hi char I think the pain you are getting must be nerve pain and normal painkillers won’t touch it…hopefully your neuro will got your meds right as they are the ones to sort it out…I take pregabalin, ibuprofen,tizanadine,amitriptyline and inject rebif 3 times a week but hopefully you won’t be lumbered with all of this… Take care Baz

Hi Char, I’m undiagnosed at the moment but have been taking Gabapentin for Trigeminal Neuralgia which has completely knocked out the pain. Had to get the dose up to 1200mg per day to do that but am now slowly trying to reduce it again to see what happens. No adverse side effects from it either. The difference this drug has made compared to traditional painkillers like paracetamol etc has been amazing. Good luck xx

I take tramadol for joint pain but it does nothing for my pins and needles and burning sensations. I tried amatriptiline but that did nothing either and I reacted to it. Ive had my pain since October but had no other help over this. Seeing the neurologist for MRI results Wednesday but not expecting him to be of any help going on how he was last time I saw him.

Maybe you could go back to your GP and ask for help? You shouldnt have to wait so long for a bit of hope.

Thank you all so much for your replies :slight_smile: i was suggested a number of other drugs but in worried about drowsiness because I’m a single mum and need to be able to look after my daughter. Do lots of these drugs make you sleepy? I too found tramadol acted as a stimulant it was meant to help me sleep lol good luck with your MRI results on weds, a lot of people have complained about the neuros, its making me nervous for mine :confused: my gp is lovely but in not sure how they can help now, has anyone else found you get to a point and its like now you have the neurology appointment your sort of shoved to the side by gps etc… x

yes, thats exactly how I feel!!! I was even told by one of the GPs not to bother making an appointment face to face to discuss my recent ECG results, despite me feeling my blood ressure needed monitoring because it was high and untreated, I was told to ring up for a phone consultation! But that was a junior doc who is still learning the difference between an ar*e and an elbow…

Hiya Char…long time no hear! Good to see your name again. You and I used to chat loads a while back, eh?

Sorry to hear abou the awful pain you`re having.

I`m still trying to find a cure or my chronic heel pain. On the pregabalin and increasin it fortnightly.

luv Pollyxx

That’s awful that someone would say that to you! Even if it comes back as nothing the reassurance is in you knowing yourself, i honestly don’t know how some people can act that way when people are so worried, its unprofessional. i worry sometimes that they don’t do enough, they ask you to come in urgently then drag you along for weeks its ridiculous. hi Polly, how are you? I’m sorry to hear you’re having terrible trouble with your heel what an uncomfortable place to have pain as well :frowning: luckily its one place i don’t get it only numbness in my feet i do feel for you. does your pain change with weather? Its just I’m struggling to control my body temp and my pain is horrifically bad when I’m cold it feels like my skin is tightening and shrinking, do you get that? If I’m hot im too hot like a kettle its crazy isn’t it my love to all as always x

I am also a single mum so know the difficultes that can present. I agree with the others - tramadol is no good for neuropathic pain. I had success with pregablin and gabapentin in the past.neither of which made me sleepy or had any side effects. Tried amitryptilline and topamax (affectionately nicknamed dopamax for a reason - made me pretty much lose touch with reality after 2 tablets!) but both didn’t agree with me. Definitely worth asking doctors for some neuropathic pain relief. Hope they can help and you feel a bit better soon x

Its is difficult yes , but i think at the same time your children make it easier don’t they :slight_smile: thank you for the help x i will speak to my gp again i think