neuropathic pain

I’ve had burning, tight, pins and needle sensations in both feet and to a lesser extent one hand.This is continuous 24 hous a day for the last 18 months. My GP has tried me on amitryptaline, pregabalin and gabapentin without success. I was then referred to the Pain Clinic where I have tried Duloxetine and now Tramadol.

Nothing seems to make any difference to the altered sensations that I experience. They don’t lessen the sensations at all.Whilst they don’t stop me doing anything I would much rather not have them but I suspect I’m being naive to think they’ll disappear altogether.

Does anyone take anything that takes it all away? Does anyone take anything I haven’t tried?



Hi Sarah, wish I knew of something that could help. You seem to have tried everything. The only other thing I have heard of is morphine patches. I know it sounds a bit alarming to use morphine… but used properly it is only another form of pain control.

Might be worth asking about it with neuro or at pain clinic.

Awful for you Sarah and really hope you find something that helps… or better still that it just goes away.

Love Pat xxx

Hi Sarah

I have these exact pains some days worse than others but never actually goes away, if you find something please let me know!

Have tried most of these drugs over the past ten years but none really seem to relieve the symptoms. I was prescribed Nabilone tablets which do help and take these together with remedeine and when really bad ( usually when the weather damp and cold) I take liquid morphine (Oramorph).

Hi Sarah Wish I had more for you,I have same symptoms and am on amitriptyline It manages pain at moment when do you see neuro next or nurse? Sorry couldn’t be more help stay well Steve

Thanks for all your replies. I see my neuro next month so I will ask him about it.

The amitryptyline must take the edge off it. I currently take 50mg each night. It didn’t do any good when we increased it to 75mg but I certainly knew about it when we went down to 25mg!

The kids are now home from uni and we’re all going to Iceland on Wednesday to hopefully see the Northern Lights so good things to look forward to.

Must remember all my winter woolies and thick gloves!

Take care all of you,

Sarah x

Have a lovely time Sarah. What a beautiful place to go.

Pat x

I get similar sensations in my hands, I’m on pregabalin but I don’t think it’s had any significant effect on the symptom however does help with pain, in on morphine patches as well.

I found the information at this link was particularly helpful in bringing my neuropathic pain down to acceptable levels.

Pain Treatment Guidelines - Brief Listings

I found keeping my Vitamin D3 level above 125nmol/l (50ng/ml) was a key factor, particularly when combined with increased omega 3 (fish oil) and magnesium. Pubmed search showing results for omega 3 neuropathic pain Pubmed search results for magnesium neuropathic pain

When reading research trials for “vitamin D” “omega 3” or “magnesium” remember correcting a deficiency state takes months or years rather than the weeks most trials last. For most people it will take months to raise 25(OH)D to 125, and at the same time get omega 3<> omega 6 ratio to a natural level around 1<>1 or at worst 1<>4 and you need to keep magnesium intake high if you are going to go on drinking coffee and alchol. If you start on an anti-inflammation protocol now the chances are you’ll notice the benefits when in August we get some warm (dare I say hot) sunshine and you’ll see the improvement in your skin’s natural photoprotection.

Signs and Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

See the thread on vit d Sarah. Enough said.