Pain relief?!!!!

Hi all, hope you are all OK today,

Im hoping that you can help with regards to what pain relief is the best to take for neuropathic/neuralgia pain. Need it fast!

I had been in Asda when out of nowhere what seemed like a bolt of lightning repeatedly hit me under my left arm which travelled down to my fingertips! Jeez, it took my breath away and was taken to A&E who gave me a shot of Morphene, this has happened a few times since I was diagnosed in 2008 but not this severe or lasted this long (15 mins) I realise that this probably sounds a bit mild compared to other complaints Ive been reading but this happened on Saturday morning and Im still getting the odd pang and my diaphram is killing me from tensing up so much, which isn’t good for taking Neurofen as I dont feel like eating much, I need something that’ll do the trick.

I’ve been taking Neurofen and Paracetamol (as advised by my MS Nurse) but have run out of both!


i am a bit confused (and concerned!) at ur ms nurses suggestion-they wont do anything for neuropathic pain.

can u see gp for nerve pain medication? there are several…


Hiya chocorange,

As I’m also getting leg spasms every morning on waking she had suggested Pregabalin but as I also have Epilepsy was reluctant to start it as I don’t want to mess about with the effectiveness of the anti-convulsant medication I’m already on plus, as this pain doesn’t occur very often or regular, has suggested I take painkillers when it does occur. Any suggestions for fast acting /if not immediate ones would be appreciated.

Oh if only you could unscrew an arm and put it in a cupboard until it behaved itself!! Phew!

Hi there… I really do feel for you.

I had the worse neuropathic pain EVER that built up over 2-3 days that paracetamol and ibuprofen took the edge off it but slowly started to be ineffective.

Having had to dial 999, as the pain was so intense when I woke up one morning, I was prescribed Gabapentin; which I am now on 3 x 300mg daily. You do need to build this up as there are side effects. My GP also prescribed Diazepam 5mg to take upto 3 times a day to also help manage the pain. I now only take 1 tablet at night to help me sleep. To go along with these 2 he also prescribed Naproxen 500mg to take as a replacement for ibuprofen, when needed! So far I’ve only needed a couple of times.

i also take 1 Lansoprazole 30mg capsule every morning to aid my stomach!!

At the moment, I’m pain free but it’s been a tough journey…

Really hope this helps!

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I have had similar pain. I thought i was having a heart attack. Taken to local doctor and EEG done but heart was fine, it was put down to severe neuropathic pain…it was AGONY…i could hardly lift my arm up and it felt like a fist was stuck in my armpit lol…

My doctor too told me to take paracetamol…

The only real thing for nerve pain is stuff like gabapentin, anytriptyline, Lyrica and a few others but i think they might mess with your epilepsy drugs.

I tell you what helped my pain, MY HEAT PAD. I put it on my back across my ribs left side and it eventually went. I think it is a nerve problem and spasm…it was horrible i know that. Try heat it might help. xxx

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i feel for you, pain’s no joke. if you buy more ibuprofen, don’t buy neurofen, it’s just ibuprofen, which costs a tiny amount by comparison. while pregabalin is used to treat epilepsy apparently it’s used with other anti-convulsants, so it’s worth talking to your gp about, if not them, then some other options. i take a range of pain meds, to hit an ongoing chronic combination of pain (i rattle). if necessary your gp can refer you to a pain clinic. i’m another person who finds heat really helpful, stretching too.

hope you find a useful regimen soon,

wendy xx

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Morning everyone!

Thanks for all your posts, they’re really helpful and you’ve given me a few names to mention when I see my GP tomorrow.

Just a thought, as this pain just comes out of the blue every now and again, I don’t know whether it would be better to take something regularly (just in case) and put up with any side effects or take it as and when needed. My MS nurse had said that I needn’t panic and go to A&E next time as I know it’ll subside after a while, (felt almost like a telling off) but, as you all know, It’s agony and if the fastest relief is going to be a shot of Morphene, then I’m sorry, A&E it is. Or is she right, am I being soft?

I’ll let you all know what GP advises.

Luv x

Hi, you are not being soft. Go to a&e and get the shot. I suffer pain similar to yourself and have nearly called the ambulance on a couple of occasions. While your Ms nurse may be knowledgeable about Ms she has never suffered the pain, that’s one area were your expertise is greater than hers.


Ann x

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Hiya peeps,

Saw doc today, almost didn’t make it as the pain came on just as I was stepping out of the door (typical!)! He’s started me on Gabapentin - 100mg x3 per day and apart from feeling like I have a head full of cotton wool, I’ve been pain free since.

I have another appointment with him on Monday to review things and make sure they’re right for me.

It’s lovely to be able to breathe without having 250 volts running down your arm!!

really pleased for you, i can’t see them not continuing to be good and the cotton wool brain will almost certainly not last. it’s put me in mind of my late dad, who swore by the idea that if you need 'em “just keep taking the tablets”.

wendy xx

Don’t be afraid if you do need to step up the dosage, just make sure you do it slowly…

Good luck

Hello Everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt the need to check in with you all and I’m so sorry for being a bit morose but I’ve been getting these neuropathic pains again over the last couple of months and have become really down and upset, even though I’m 57 I could do with a really good bear hug. I feel so guilty and frustrated because I’ve not been able to leave the house for long as the pain comes on and I can’t touch anything and have to get a taxi back home, therefore I’ve not been able to get any Christmas cards, presents, decorations or anything - it’s just all passing me by this year!

I’m now taking Pregabalin, two 75mg per day and was wondering if someone could tell me if they think it would be OK to take an extra 75mg until I’m able to see the GP after the weekend. I’ve just got to get into the swing of things somehow, I’ve been asked out to a friends for Christmas day but don’t think I’d be very good company like I am at the moment.

Hope everyone else is having a brilliant time!

Linda xx


Over the counter pain relief such as paracetamol and iburprofen are no good for nueropathic pain.

You need gabapentin or Amitriptyline or something similar.

Surprised your MS nurse advised you to use paracetamol and ibruprofen as they are pretty useless for your type of pain.

GPs are not very good at nueropatic pain see your Numerologist, they understand your type of pain.