Too much pain today!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re feeling well!
I’ve not been here for quite some time, unfortunately not been too good and really suffering today, sorry to drop in while I’m in tears but just got off the phone to the GP, (only person available) as I’ve been in really bad pain for so long now and my carer phoned him for me.
He’s going to send some Co-codamol but not sure if it’ll be any use for nerve pain. I’m getting peripheral neuralgia affecting both arms and hands from shoulder to fingertips, it’s like someone holding a stun gun in your armpit! Takes your breath away, plus, because this pain stops me doing things I’m not getting any exercise and my feet and legs are starting to suffer. I’m on the maximum amount of Pregabalin so don’t know what, if anything, is left for me to try. Hoping someone out there has been in a similar situation and can give me some pointers. Luv Linda.

I have no suggestions, I’m afraid, but just wanted to say hello and I am sorry that you are suffering in this way.

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Hi sorry to hear about your problem I can sympathise and I think you’re right I don’t think Co-Codamol will help it doesn’t help me but you can try you never know. Christine

PN is not helped with co-codamol.
i have terrible nerve pain in my left foot and most parts on and off on my left side. I know once i thought i was having a heart attack with the nerve pain which extended up into my arm. the doctor did an ecg it was fine. I have had the worse nerve pain in my shin, i swear someone had stabbed me in the shin it lasted a week. I was literally pulling my hair out. nothing worked.


I find the way i deal with PN now is to ride it through. I do things to keep my mind occupied, in the day easier then night. the night is the worse. but i manage to sleep. my husband was addicted to co-codamol.

I am trying now to change my diet no more gluten, and processed etc, and slowly either i am just more used to PN, or its working.

But no matter what pain i have it passes and something else takes its place for a while at least. xxxxx

Have you been offered Gabapentin? I also get throbbing pains in my face and ribs and the surface needly pains all down that side. Co-codamol didn’t make any difference but fortunately I have a really good MS centre near me so don’t need to rely on just the GP. That ‘stun-gun’ analogy of yours is exactly right by the way and I hope you get it under control. I started on 300mg of gabapentin three times a day, and increased it to 600mg three times a day as it made an immediate improvement but not quite enough. Recently increased it to 900mg.

Hi not sure if you have tried Amitryptaline or Baclofen MS is a bu**er I agree
fluoxetine I took for a while too as it basically is a happy pill
Good luck X