pain relief?

Hi everyone, Can I ask what everyone is taking for pain relief? I am on 50mg of amitripyline which my neuro said I could mess with the dose as far as 100mg to find something that works so I need to get some 25mg tabs as I really need to increase so will try 75mg! I also have severe muscle pain, every muscle feels pulled, my joints ache, my feet and hands ache. I am taking co-codamol 30/500mg but only in the morning and before bed when the pain is unbearable, it does take edge off so I can sleep but I’m still in pain. I need to get some proper pain relief soon or I will crack up! What works? What are the options? I’m a bit clueless! Thanks Viv xx

Hey Viv.

I am on 40 mg of Amitriptyline and I take co-codamol.It never kills the pain but like you it takes the edge off.

I also take Baclofen 10mg three times per day.

I would sugest upping the Amitriptyline but under supervision of your neuro and GP.

Hi Viv,

It depends on whether the pain is nerve pain or muscle spasm or joint pain. I take Pregabalin 400-600mg for nerve pain and Baclofen 10mg x 5 times a day for muscle spasm. The pain clinic also prescribed morphine but I have to admit sometimes the pain is terrible. I recently had a course of steroids and that had a major effect in reducing my pain. Other things I have found useful if the old hot waterbottle or those lavander bags u can heat up in a microwave. I did try Amitriptyline in the beginning but it had no effect. hope you get it sorted. Ask to be referred to a pain clinic. I can really empathise with you I nearly went bonkers too!! Take care.

Hi Viv

My worst symptom is nerve pain in my legs, so I do sympathise with you. Drives you mad sometimes, doesn’t it?

I take Pregabalin, which I find really helps - I wouldn’t be able to cope without it, but, as Anita says, it depends on what type of pain you have.

I do hope you get some real help soon and can then get the sleep you need.

Take care

Bren x