Alternative therapies

Any reviews or recommendations for alternative therapies?

hiya char

i am a fan tho prefer the term complimentary.

anything that helps you relax or makes u feel better generally is a good thing.

i see a cranial osteopath every 7/8 weeks-that helps regulate in flow in brain and spine. i can actually feel it-which is not common!

i am a reiki master and regularly receive s well as give.

reflexology-i have had but it brought on a healing crisis (tho i knew what that was) andwill try it again.

hot stones i have only tried very recently cos circulation is so poor in right side. they really help after only 2 sessions!

any good therapist will discuss the possibility of a healing crisis with you! if the dont or not happy to them i personally would go elsewhere!

i dont think any therapy is a replacement for medical intervention-but they are enjoyable if you find the right one!


Hello Char.

I don’t have any remedial therapies but I write, I feed homeless people, I give support at my local day care centre and generally do good things.

It’s a big help.



i just watched a gong bath session on you tube.

i closed my eyes and could feel it in my spine.

really want to try a real one now.