Evening all. I have RRMS and it’s been suggested that I try homeopathy treatment.

Im currently on gilyena etc and have no intention of giving up any of my prescribed meds.

But am interested in knowing of anyone else has tried the above and if they find any alternative therapies help them?

hi mrs p.i.b.

if the homeopathic treatments dont have any negative affect on your gilenya why not try it?

i have tried a few alternative treatments and although they were quite pleasant and had a feel good quality, they didn’t feel by any means a cure.

then again we know there isn’t a cure yet.

so if it feels good do it.

carole x

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I don’t use homeopathic treatments as such but I do meditate twice a day and haven’t had any relapses or significant symptoms since I started meditating. X

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i understand meditating helps because stress is a big trigger for worsening symptoms for me.

there are so many things to consider with this medical enigma!

carole x

Homeopathic is a bit rubbish in my book, I tried it for bad sinuses / migraines and not much use at all.

However, for bruising, Arnica is amazing and I’d highly recommend that

So, I was a bit desperate. I’d always had bad migraines and having bad sinuses meant that my migraines were in overdrive! I decided to try accupuncture - that proves I was desperate, as I was terrified of needles!

It turned my life around, to give you an example, the humidity always a migraine trigger for me. Yesterday, I woke up late and felt awful, I was supposed t go to a funeral. I took some painkillers and was running an hour late but got to the wake, appropriately dressed etc. and felt a little tired but sickness and headache gone! Going back to before, I’ve missed weddings and all sorts of stuff So for me, a vast improvement

I’m going to try it for MS symptoms

Sonia x

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Absolutely no harm in trying homeopathic treatment. If it’s does something positive for you,great. If it doesn’t, too bad. Move on and try something else.

Hope it works well for you.


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